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Commodore 64 emulator
PSPVice is based upon PS2Vice made by Rami Rasanen. Possibly the most noticeable update is that the full list of compatible Vice games are now compatible with PSPVice

Latest Version : v2.2

Release Date: 2007/09/8

Notes for this version: Kristof has come out with a hattrick of emulators for the PSP. In this release, he updates Commodor 64 Vice, and throws in a Commodor Plus 4 Emulator as well as a VIC20 emulator for good measure.

So far, the developer has noted that Mouse Emulation is still not working while the two additional emulators are still a bit "rough." However, it should be noted that quite a few bugfixes were implemented including: NFO Comments now being fully displayed, the restore key can now be used more than once, game files with long file names no longer cause the PSP to crash, disk files can now be saved, and P00 files can now be run. Here's the rest of the change log:

* Stereo effect on sound output (I like this effect)
* Subdirectories support. User can now browse any directory of the memory stick.
* Update to latest VICE version (1.22)
* Add autofire option. Two speeds available.
* VIC20 standalone version.
* PLUS4 standalone version.
* "Shifted" keyboard GFX added (thank to Shabanak)
* Small speed improvment (unfortunatly still not enough for some few games like Cauldron2).
* PSP icons are hidden now ( __SCE__ method ).
* Welcome text at load time (instead of black screen)
* New menus organisation

All in all, this is a very solid effort from Kristof. As always, be sure to go over the Read Me documents in the compressed files before doing anything to avoid any problems in using and installing the software.


Find download links for PSPVice below.

pspvice-v2.2 Download from (indirect link)
PSP Vice 2.2 Download from (direct link)

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