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Very simple AT3 player. For those of you who don't know, a .at3 file is a PSP music file included in UMDs. People can rip these files from ISOs and play them with this utility.

Latest Version : BETA

Release Date: 2006/04/17

Notes for this version: Simple program to play ATRAC3 files. From the author:
"This is a sample showing a simple atrac3 player using the libatrac3plus from the firmware.
Warning (to avoid confussion): the use of the libatrac3plus library functions was deduced with a bit of reverse engeneering in the own library and how a game was using it, by hooking calls to the functions and inspecting how the parameters evolved (psplink was of great help, thanks Tyranid for making that beautiful tool)
This program does not pretend to be a serious player, it's only a sample on how to use the sceATRAC3plus_Library, and it have some bugs or incorrect code, mainly:
- The player suposses that all frames of the file have 1024 or 2048 sound samples, which is true in almost all cases, but not always.
- There is a bug in which sometimes one of the threads cannot be created because the previous copy of the thread is already running (probably, because of a deadlock). "


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