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Simple and easy app to convert videos to PS brand consoles including the PS2, PSP, PS3 and PSVITA.
PSvid uses ffmpeg to do these conversion. Other formats such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android are supported too, but untested.

- Python
- ffmpeg with libfaac (windows version bundled)

Latest Version : 3.1

Release Date: 2013/06/4

Notes for this version: This is a version I've had for quite some time an never got to release due to other stuff happening.
Now that PSvid has become popular I've decided to release it for people to enjoy, I'll probably work on 4.0 when I get some time, I already have some ideas for it. Anyway, here's the changelog for this version:
- no more need for a CLI window to be opened
- added overwrite option if output file exists
- small change to output file name


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