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An Alternate Menu for VHBL and TN CFE created by wth a.k.a. Yosh.
Controls :
- X/O : Run homebrews / Install Archive (to install archives, just copy them inside any savedata save folder, you can name it as you like and put as many as wanted in a save, then just click on the archive once inside the save from the menu : you don't need to name archives install anymore at all, just copy paste them directly)
- Square : Delete something

Description :
XMB-like menu, with horizontal sliding instead of vertical like the regular xmb
Supported fonts : supports eboot titles with japanese fonts or european fonts, and utf-8 in general

Supports rar/zip formats
rar up to "normal" compression supported ("Good" & "Optimal" compressions don't work, only Store/Very fast/Fast/Normal ones)
All zip compressions supported

EBOOT.PBP contained files to extract will be renamed into wmenu.bin

You can have as many wallpapers as desired, for that just put png/jpg/gif images next to the eboot named as follows :

Compatibility :
- Tested working on Super Collapse! 3 Vhbl on psp
- Tested working on Everybody's Tennis Vhbl on psp
- Tested working on Motorstorm Arctic Edge Vhbl on psp (using Delete feature causes a crash in motorstorm though, because on this hbl the deleting folder syscall sceIoRmdir is missing)

Licence :
- Uses Wagic's JGE++ library with custom modifications
- Uses a custom version of Geecko's intraFont-G version of BenHur's intraFont library
- Uses AnonymousTipster's unzip/unrar source code
- Uses a custom modifed version of libpng

Latest Version : 1.0.8

Release Date: 2013/05/10

Notes for this version: Compatible with VHBL, CEF TN, ARK
Also PSP-only version called "psp explorer"

VHBL: Changed archive extraction directory to ms0:/PSP/HOMEBREW for 2.1X fw compatibility



Find download links for yMenu below.

(PSP only) yMenu_psp-explorer Download from googlecode.com (indirect link)
yMenu-v1.0.8_VHBL Download from googlecode.com (indirect link)
yMenu-v1.0.8_CEF-TN Download from googlecode.com (indirect link)
yMenu-v1.0.8_ARK Download from googlecode.com (indirect link)

Older Versions


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