p0rtal 2d: maker

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p0rtal 2d: maker
p0rtal 2d: maker is a 2d clone of the popular Portal game.

Game mechanic should be familiar (proceed from start to finish by using portals which you can place only on certain surface).

Besides built-in 5 sample levels the game includes an editor so users are free to make their own levels.



DPAD - Move Character across the screen.

SQUARE - Fire blue portal.

CIRCLE - Fire orange portal.

CROSS - Jump.

SELECT - Skip stage / return to editor.

L TRIGGER - Rotate crosshair counter clockwise.

R TRIGGER - Rotate crosshair clockwise.

Latest Version : 1.0

Release Date: 2011/05/27

Notes for this version: First Release



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p0rtal 1.0 Download from mediafire.com (indirect link)


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