fheroes2 (Heroes of Might and Magic 2)

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fheroes2 (Heroes of Might and Magic 2)
Free Heroes of Might and Magic II (fheroes2) is a recreation of HoMM2 game engine.

This open source multiplatform project, written from scratch, is designed to reproduce the original game with significant improvements in the gameplay, graphics and logic (including support for high-resolution graphics, improved AI, numerous fixes and UI improvements), breathing new life into one of the most addictive turn-based strategies.

Latest Version : 0.9.6

Release Date: 2021/08/6

Notes for this version: Changelog (v.0.9.6):
- update status window if troops has fallen overboard
- add direct preview of changes in system options dialog
- update Polish translation
- display the position of a hero or a castle on radar while right clicking on them
- add titles to some dialogs
- add translation support for missing places
- fix monster joining logic with and without diplomacy
- add Nintendo Switch build
- make captured object event messages to contain yellow titles
- fix a crash while AI uses Summon Elemental spell during battle
- fix incorrect Alliance conditions for certain maps
- fix a case when a hero in castle's tavern always changes after reloading a save file
- fix incorrect icons for scenario information dialog
- update skill order for new heroes
- add normal Game settings dialog
- fix inability to attack during battle
- do not play ambient sounds during AI turn
- add monster names, abilities and hero skills to translations
- fix AI archer avoiding hand battle logic
- fix UI defects in Kingdom castle view dialog


Find download links for fheroes2 (Heroes of Might and Magic 2) below.

fheroes2 (Heroes of Might and Magic 2) 0.9.6 PS Vita Download from github.com (indirect link)
fheroes2 (Heroes of Might and Magic 2) 0.9.6 PS Vita Download from rinnegatamante.it (indirect link)


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