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Port of the award winning game Crashlands to the PS Vita. Requires the original game on Steam.

Requirements: Steam's latest version of Crashlands.

Download the files

Connect the Vita to the PC using Vitashell (either USB or FTP) and install the .VPK
In your PC, open the folder when you have installed Crashlands (Steam, Epic Games Store or GoG)
Download the patch for your version and extract it in that folder. After that, run apply_patch.bat. This will create a folder called Patched_Files
If everything went correctly, your Patched_Files folders will have a file called eboot.bin and a folder called games with a lot of audiogroup.dat files and a file.
Copy eboot.bin and the games folder and move them to the vita, ux0:app/CRASHLAND. Overwrite when prompted.
Copy all the .ogg files from your PC Crashlands folder into ux0:app/CRASHLAND/games
Optional: Overclock CPU to 444mhz using PSV Shell. The game runs at 60 fps without it but I feel it smoother with overclock.
This patch is not confirmed to work with any other version that it's not the current latest build of Steam. It should support other versions but it's very likely it won't properly.

Latest Version : Initial release

Release Date: 2021/05/21

Notes for this version: Initial release

Known Issues :

Loading times are pretty long, so don't be afraid, your Vita didn't crash. About 2 minutes.
Autosave is not super reliable. Use manual save too (just press Select for quicksave)


Find download links for Crashlands below.

Crashlands Download from (indirect link)
Crashlands Download from (direct link)
Crashlands Vita Patch (Steam Build 6083635) Download from (direct link)


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