GemRB (Baldur's Gate) PS Vita

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GemRB (Baldur's Gate) PS Vita
GemRB is a portable open-source implementation of Bioware’s Infinity Engine. In essence, it allows you to run games based on the Infinity Engine, on a variety of platforms.

Baldur's Gate 1, Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale and a bunch of other games can now run on your PS Vita.

Latest Version : 0.8.7 (vita .5)

Release Date: 2021/04/8

Notes for this version:
- I/O performance improvements.
Faster loading times, MUCH faster loading times with mods installed (from 80 minutes to 40 seconds in some extreme cases).

- Improved SDLAudio plugin (added functional volume controls and positional audio support).
OpenAL support added (supports ambient sounds, audio effects). Use AudioDriver=openal in config file to select it.

- TTF support added.

- Support for GemRB console (press L1 + R1 + △ to open the console).

- Mapped more keyboard shortcuts to D-Pad.
General performance improvements.


Find download links for GemRB (Baldur's Gate) PS Vita below.

GemRB 0.8.7 PS Vita Download from (indirect link)
GemRB 0.8.7 PS Vita Download from (direct link)
GemRB Data Files PS Vita Download from (direct link)


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