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  1. wqeqwe says:

    for a site that should keep us up to date with the latest news in the scene, it’s very lacking. Found out that SX OS 1.4 update was out 2 days ago through some other site, this one didn’t mention anything even though I follow it religiously, I was looking forward to this update because it brought NSP support. It’s because of this that I decided to stop following this blog.

  2. Nate says:

    I have been following this site for years and I love it! Thanks for all the awesome news on hacking , without it I would not have been able to figure out anything I needed to hack many of my older systems.

    I do notice some things are no longer displaying properly on the site homepage, looks like there could be some HTML/CSS or looping issues in your PHP calls. I have about 10+ years experience in WordPress/HTML/CSS so if you ever need someone to spiffy up the site or take a look at the back end let me know.

  3. andreas44 says:

    I have ps tv 3.73 ofw I can pass PSTV Whitelist ?

  4. Andrew Baines says:

    Hey, previously I used the PT guide to download PT to my PS4 Pro, however that has since died and I’ve picked up a Slim however the executable is failing to download 2 files it appears I’ve tried from multiple computers on my network and disabled my firewall to check but it’s still an issue.

    Could you advise if there’s an issue on the other end or if it’s my ISP blocking something please..?

    Thank you.

    Andy 🙂

    • Onetimeuser says:

      Hello, Andrew, i’m also in a similar bind. It seems that the program doesn’t establish a connection and “skips” the steps. I think it’s posdily due to the age of the Squid proxy version they’re using. Or it could be something else. If you do hear back, please be so kind as to reply to this comment. Hope you manage to see this.

  5. Remain Anonymous says:

    Found this:
    Dev kit. Of course I’m suspicious, but for $200 hmmm.

  6. Onetimeuser says:

    Hi, The comment system is weird. I’m having an issue with the SUWI.exe. Is it outdated? In the video posted it seems to take it’s time and establish a good connection, but in practice it skips that step and says failed to copy then nothing happens. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  7. Angel'sModz says:

    Well all I know is if someone really does want an older ps4 console, I have the limited edition Arkham Knight console, brand new in box, the Uncharted Limited Edition Ps4 in a box and the Star Wars Limited Edition Ps4 in a box. All sealed, and I’ll sell to anyone at the right price sure. I have other consoles as well , but those are the best that stand out from the list here I believe.

  8. It’s fantastic! More upgrades, I believe, are on the way…. The Vita version in particular.

  9. FlamingMoe says:

    lol I’m glad I bought 3 SX CORE and 1 SX LITE when I had the chance! It would of been 2 SX LITE chips but nintendo cracked down hard on uberchips and I had to seek my chips else where which was an online store located in mexico. It was a bit more expensive but well worth it especially with the way prices are today with the cheap knock off unreliable clones. I have two MARIKO units hacked and running smooooooth as butter and 1 SX CORE and 1 SX LITE just waiting to be used. lmao.

  10. Ben Marsh says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m delighted with this information, where such important moments are captured. All the best!

  11. Kristina Rose says:

    What month is Halloween in

  12. Jarvis says:

    I want to download Super Mario Run on my Nintendo switch in Linux and the Play Store says this app doesn’t support this device. Is there a way of downloading the app in order to play online in my Nintendo Switch? Thank you

  13. bdawwg says:

    they shold port pokemmo or yugioh duel generations to vita

  14. Mark Hamilton says:

    Wololo forum is closed to new subcription.
    so i will ask my question here :

    Hi everyones.

    I would like to know…

    will listening several movies via a usb key on the PS5 reduce the life of the internal memory welded on the motherboard considering that once the write/read cycle has been reached then the motherboard will be useless ??

    Did reading a movie via USB stick will USE or AFFECT (write/read cycle) the internal SSD modules that are welded to the motherboard in any way ??

    Could be interesting to know…

    • wololo says:

      In general I would say no? Reading/writing from a drive will not impact significantly the lifespan of another drive.

  15. fresno says:

    Hello Wololo.

    “Zippyshare” will shot down at the end of the month, maybe a word about it in your coments so everybody will be anounced. :

    • wololo says:

      Thanks. TBH this news is all over the place on all mainstream media, I doubt anyone’s missed it.

  16. krazyez says:

    We have release ARK-4 version 4.20 🙂

  17. krazynez says:

    How do I mispell my own username >:-(

    Yes ARK-4 (4.20) has been released: