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  1. Kristina Rose says:

    What month is Halloween in

  2. anthony says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful information with us.

  3. arbaz says:

    This is very nice and this article is very helpful for everyone. I like it very much please keep doing this amazing work.

  4. Jarvis says:

    I want to download Super Mario Run on my Nintendo switch in Linux and the Play Store says this app doesn’t support this device. Is there a way of downloading the app in order to play online in my Nintendo Switch? Thank you

  5. bdawwg says:

    they shold port pokemmo or yugioh duel generations to vita

  6. Mark Hamilton says:

    Wololo forum is closed to new subcription.
    so i will ask my question here :

    Hi everyones.

    I would like to know…

    will listening several movies via a usb key on the PS5 reduce the life of the internal memory welded on the motherboard considering that once the write/read cycle has been reached then the motherboard will be useless ??

    Did reading a movie via USB stick will USE or AFFECT (write/read cycle) the internal SSD modules that are welded to the motherboard in any way ??

    Could be interesting to know…

    • wololo says:

      In general I would say no? Reading/writing from a drive will not impact significantly the lifespan of another drive.

  7. fresno says:

    Hello Wololo.

    “Zippyshare” will shot down at the end of the month, maybe a word about it in your coments so everybody will be anounced. :

  8. krazyez says:

    We have release ARK-4 version 4.20 🙂

  9. krazynez says:

    How do I mispell my own username >:-(

    Yes ARK-4 (4.20) has been released:

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