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Which SSD should you get for your PS5?

With SSD support finally available for the PS5, a lot of gamers are now eager to expand the relatively small 600GB space that’s available by default. Sony have published a precise series of specifications...


New PS5 Model spotted in Australia, UK

Prepare to be underwhelmed. The “new” PS5 model, which we found out about a few weeks ago, has been spotted at retail locations in Australia and the UK. This isn’t of course a “slim”...

PS5 Devkit/Testkit Debug Settings pictures surface

Twitter account SCEDevNetwork (Robert Sebo) has published pictures of what is allegedly the GUI for PS5 Devkit (DFI-D1000AA) and Testkit(DFI-T1000AA), in particular for the Debug Settings of the PS5 Firmware. The pictures feature extensive...