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PS4/PS5 Emulator release: Kyty 0.1.0

Another day, another PS4 emulator. After Spine’s latest release last week, developer InoriRus has released Kyty, a PS4/PS5 emulator for Windows in early stages of development. As specified by the developer, Graphics for PS5...


PS4 Release: Apollo Save tool 1.2.0

PS4 scene member bucanero has released Apollo Save Tool  version 1.2.0. This new release brings Archive extraction support (RAR, Zip, 7-Zip), among other things. Apollo is a tool that helps you manage and patch...

PS4 Release: PKG-BackUP by Kameleon

PS4 scene member Kameleon has just released PKG-BackUP, a utility for Jailbroken PS4s to create pkg backup files of your PS4 applications and games. It simplifies the process of making backups of your games...