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This is the list of bugs known in current version 0.4.1. Please post your feedback here. If you find a bug, please explain the exact steps to reproduce it.

General problems

  • Sleep mode crashes the PSP
  • Banding doesn’t work and/or has no GUI representation
  • Mulligan is not implemented
  • Exalted should be a triggered ability
  • persist works strange, the creature gets -1/-1 after it is killed, then back to play
    for the second time it be destroyed, it remain in a -1/-1 state even in the graveyard or back
    to hand by raise dead
  • removing a persisting creature from the game causes a crahs (swords to plowshares + creature with persist)
  • double strike: a creature with double strike that has been blocked shouldn’t be able to assign its “second” damage to a player, unless it has trample
  • retrace is not implemented
  • Creatures with shroud(e.g. Inkwell Leviathan(CFX)) can’t be sacrificed by others(e.g. Nantuko Husk(10E))
  • AI: The AI cannot play a card that has a cost of {0} such as Ornithopter
  • You can cast enchantments during an interruption phase as long as it is your turn
  • Graveyard display does not update when a card is removed from it through a spell (regrowth, raise dead…)
  • Graveyard “flames” effect is messed up
  • When too much cards are in play, some of them are difficult to reach/see
  • Cards that give protection from…to another one probably don’t work (not tested yet)
  • Cards that give Lifelink to another one don’t work
  • Targets validity is generally not checked at ability/spell resolution, only when the spell/ability is cast
  • creatures like “nightmare” that might be with 0 toughness, as they come into play with 0 toughness, they don’t send to the graveyard but remain in play that can attack or block
  • Attack : if the blocked creature isn’t currently attacking anything (e.g. all blocking creatures are destroyed), it should assign no combat damage.
  • regenerate a creature should not tap the creature immediately
  • if library have 101 cards or more, the game crashes after choosing the deck
  • You cannot have more than 4000 cards in your collection
  • Deck editor : it is possible to sell cards that have 0 occurrences…
  • deck editor jumps to beginning after selling a card
  • There can’t be more than 64 abilities in play. This leads to weird side effects, such as some cards not working when there are lots of cards in play
  • Parser: when using card like: auto=target(creature[blocking]) 4/4 you can make you creature into “block mode” gives it +4/+4, then remove it from combat.

specific cards problems

  • Adarkar Wastes: give black mana instead of blue
  • Ankh of Mishra : Doesn’t deal damage if a land was destroyed then a new one is put into play
  • Ascendant Evincar: doesn’t give proper bonus to black creatures (black creatures are considered as black AND non black at the same time…)
  • Bog raiders (portal) don’t have swampwalk
  • Brass Man: trying to “untap” brass man with no mana and outside of the upkeep phase crashes the game.
  • Cancel is sometimes unable to choose a target
  • Castle is programmed with old rules (Attacking creatures don’t get the bonus)
  • Channel : Works but needs to be “used” from graveyard
  • Counterspell is sometimes unable to choose a target
  • Crystal Rod : Weird behavior
  • Death ward: Can target but does not regenerate the target
  • Deja Vu (portal) is not a sorcery when it resolves, instead it is shown as “Error”
  • Dingus Egg can be put into play but does not deal damage when a player loses a land
  • disrupting scepter (artifact) does not cast properly. when cast it activates ability (target player discards a card). when activating ability after casting it; does not allow for target. does very briefly display “red rectangle”. does not use mana from manapool
  • Drain life can use non black mana
  • Druid of the Anima add {R}, {G} and {W} to mana pool when is summoned
  • Fastbond : Infinite loop ?
  • farmstead(RV) allows to gain life more than once
  • Frozen shade keeps his +1/+1 ability when is put into graveyard
  • Glasses of Urza : can be put in play but don’t do anything when activated
  • Hanna’s Custody (TMP) reported to move all artifacts to graveyard
  • icatian priest(10E) & spirit weaver(10E) have the same problem that their abilities become tap abilities and thus can be used once a turn and affected by summon sickness
  • Instill Energy: Can be cast, but does nothing to target
  • Kjeldoram frostbeast(ICE) does not destroy any creature blocking/blocked by it at the end of combat
  • Kird Ape : keeps his power/toughness bonus when unsummoned. This allows to cheat and boost the Kird ape like crazy.
  • Living artifact gives you one life whenever a card is tapped.
  • Lhurgoyf(ICE) always is 0/1 no matter how many creature in graveyard
  • Master Decoy (TMP) reported not to tap artifact creatures
  • Minion of Leshrac : it has been reported that no creature can be sacrificed (not tested)
  • Nevinyrral’s Disk: Destroys creatures, enchantments and artifacts as soon as it comes into play
  • power surge (red enchantment) may still deal damage for lands no longer in play (for example after Amageddon).
  • Sedge Troll : keeps his +1/+1 bonus even when unsummoned
  • Skeleton Ship(ICE)’s ability can’t be used.it keeps untapping while declare it as attacker.
  • Soldevi Machinist : Mana can be used for anything
  • Soul Net: cannot use during opponent’s turn because the game doesn’t offer to interrupt
  • Spell blast is unable to choose a target
  • Spirit Link: Can target, but doesn’t give lifelink to the creature
  • unstable mutation (blue enchantment) counters do not stay on creature after enchantment is removed/destroyed
  • Unstable Mutation on a creature that goes to the graveyard keeps it’s negatives to its power and defense, even when brought back to hand or play via other cards, ie, regrowth.
  • Unsummon: returns creature to controller’s hand instead of owner’s hand.
  • Walking Wall : can’t attack even after activating its ability
  • warning(ICE) gives creature -9/-0 instead of deal no combat damage

In grey : Bugs that should be fixed in next release

8 Responses

  1. Lookacz says:

    Frozen shade keeps his +1/+1 ability when is put into graveyard
    Druid of the Anima add {R}, {G} and {W} to mana pool when is summoned

  2. Malloxis says:

    i just wanted you to check out my new exploit for psp 3000 please pass it around i want it to get know also please give to dark alex

  3. wololo says:

    @Malloxis: please post in a more related thread next time. I tried your file on a phat with 0.4.1 firmware and I confirm it crashes my PSP. I’ll analyze it more in details when I have time. Is it using the same vulnerability as my files?

  4. May i ask some question?
    i have been try to use tiff exploit for a hour , but still fail. ?rz…..
    i format the memory stick , but which one should choose FAT or FAT32 ?

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  3. April 13, 2009

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