Bug 0.10.1

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This page is not up to date anymore. For an updated list of the bugs, please check the Dedicated page on our Wiki

This is the list of bugs known in current version 0.10.1. Please post your feedback here. If you find a bug, please explain the exact steps to reproduce it.

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  1. Albatard116 says:

    I have a bug that appears every time:
    When i won a game if i go directly to the options menu and I press R1 to go to the user menu my PSP freeze.

  2. Albatard116 says:

    One other bug appears one time in game I don’t remember exactly how but I think it was in use much credits and using the “Vulshok Gauntlets” card to equip her, but I am not sure.

    The game create this log:

    Exception details:

    Exception – Bus error (instr)
    EPC – 702E7324 / JGEApp_Title.text + 67AE3324
    Cause – 00000018
    Status – 20008613
    BadVAddr – F80404FC
    zr:00000000 at:08980000 v0:0898EE18 v1:702E7325
    a0:09123A30 a1:00000060 a2:091386A0 a3:0000001C
    t0:089C1B68 t1:0898D5C0 t2:09AEA530 t3:09FBEC28
    t4:08852C18 t5:00000000 t6:00000000 t7:00000000
    s0:09434FB0 s1:09138680 s2:0915F930 s3:094309C0
    s4:0007A120 s5:00000000 s6:089C0000 s7:00E13EA1
    t8:DEADBEEF t9:088A8564 k0:09FBFF00 k1:00000000
    gp:089CA230 sp:09FBEC58 fp:089C25CC ra:0886D150

    Sorry for my bad English but I am french.

  3. ryan jeric says:

    if i luanch this game it will doudle the game in color violet plz help i need your game.

  4. matze791 says:

    Hi it seems like there is an bug in hbl r97. If you use the menu and browse to the root of your ms there comes up an message with something about the bios. After restarting my psp I played a game ( FIFA 09) and sometimes the psp turns off by itself. So I think that there’s a bug which modifies the psp bios ( or better to say damages the bios). It would be great if you could let me know if it is a bug or something other. I know that you don’t want any bug reports for stable versions, but I don’t know what I can do to repair the bios file. I’ve a psp 3004 fw 6.20. Hope you’ll answer soon and I hope you apologize my english i know that it is bad

  5. Gabriel says:

    When i win a game, almost ever the game crashes. The bug tittle:

    EPC – 09039158 / JGEAPP_TITTLE.TEXT + 00835158
    CAUSE – 2000002C
    STATUS – 20008613
    BADVADDR – 46F6793F

  6. chris says:

    hello i have got a problem with your Hen or HBL i don’t know (i am not a specialist) i have download a game call NSUNH3(naruto shippuden ultimate ninja heroes 3) and here is the problem. i had soft 6.20 psp 3004 your hen works good at my psp(HBL version 109 hen TN-B) but i have got a problem only with this game. when i launch it there is an error with starting eboot.bin:
    sceKernelLoadModuleDisc returned 0x0421D56D
    sceKernelStartModule returned 0x8002013C and it doesn’t work
    at other forums i read a post, they told that i must download KHBBS folder and Seplugins folder and unpack it on my psp i do it and then when i run the game psp stopped at loading eboot.bin and i have to reset my psp.
    At other posts they told me that i must open recorvery menu but in your hen i cant do this because there isn’t it (in recorvery menu i have to put all plugins on or something like this)
    please help me (write on my email what should i do or on next comment)
    ps. other games works good.

  7. jantje3000 says:


    DJ MAX Portable 3 doesn’t work on 6.35 Pro A-3. Hope this helps.


  8. vittorio says:

    6.38 kernel exploit download link

  9. dragoj says:

    a mi me sale una pantalla azul nada mas iniciar el juego en mi psp y luego se sale
    ¿alguien podria explicarme el motivo?

  10. blixter07 says:

    when i start the game…
    EPC – 09039158 / JGEAPP_TITTLE.TEXT + 00835158
    CAUSE – 2000002C
    STATUS – 20008613
    BADVADDR – 46F6793F

  11. jorge says:

    al iniciar el juego en la pc me sale una ventana de error y k no se encontro el archivo MSVCP100.dll
    ¿como lo arreglo?
    porfavor….. 🙁

  12. alisson says:

    ja faz tempo que eu acompanho hbl mais eu não sei como vhbl qua é o proceço?

  13. alisson says:

    already a long time since I subscribe hbl more I do not know what to proceço vhbl in the scanned SaveDate?

  14. alisson says:

    excuse is that I’m from Brazil

  15. remloup says:

    After the download i have the message : Initiliaze space failed but my SD card is mounted ! On android

  16. sect says:

    There was an issue with 17.0 where while looking at your deck in the deck editor, if you added forest mana it wouldn’t show in its own count but they were figured in with the total card count. Now i couldn’t find anyone else having this issue or not, nor could I find the correct place to post this, but I was wondering is it fix in 18.6?

  17. Jhilliard1800 says:

    hi there wololo. i’m a proud owner of both ps3, and ps vita. i’ve been keeping up with your site for a little over a year now and i think its time i share some info too. recently my vita has randomly crashed twice from the same actions. i was not playing a game at all. i’ll try to describe what happened to the best i can recall. turned on the vita from sleep mode, flicked through my screens a couple times. then clicked on the settings app on the main screen. now here is where the crash/slash freeze (however you want to see it) when i clicked the start button in settings, not even a second later, i swiped dust from my screen. in doing so, some how my vita went right back to the main screen of the vita and showed the settings as an open app. when i slide the screen back to the settings, there was nothing. i still had the status bar and my selected background color, it was at that moment that my vita was non-responsive. it happened both times the exact same way. however i decided to do my own trial and error theory and found that it doesnt always happen. it seems to be a random act, usually after i have had resistance: burning skies playing on the vita. currently i am running 1.81 ofw with an 8 gb card for memory. not sure if this has happened to any one else or not. but i thought it would be a useful tip for those able to tell the difference from an exploit or just a common system error. thank you for your time

  18. Landon Brainard says:

    I downloaded the latest version of Wagic for Android today, and it started just fine. After it finished downloading the core files, it said it was unable to initialize storage. I’m running CyanogenMod 10.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I think newer versions of Android may handle storage differently than older versions. Thanks for your time.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks… this is very possible. I haven’t looked in the code in a long time, but if a good soul could have a look, I’d be more than happy to do apply the patch

  19. jerry says:

    hello wololo how to hack the ps vita version 2.11

  20. tangra87 says:

    Hi I was wondering put it here or not , but I will put it here. So there is a game Ninja gaiden sigma 2 + on the vita if you play the theme mode (2 character mode to fight togeder in mission mode ) there is a mission wen if you play with a specific characters every 4,5 of 10 times the game go sloly,and sloly and finaly crash and exit directly from the game and then you have the option to subcribe to sony for the problem ,the first 4,5 times I was scribing ,but now I dont since they dont do anything to optimyse the game . I hope this will be a value info for somo of the programers on this site 🙂

  21. tangra87 says:

    O I forget my current firmware is the leatest- 2.61

  22. rio93 says:

    come si ad iscriversi al sito?

  23. rio93 says:

    come faccio ad iscrivermi?

  24. deathlight says:

    I can’t log in to the forum. It says 403 forbidden and my IP is banned. Here is a screenshot: http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy65/tsunala/Untitled-1_zpscb5b7efc.jpg

    I did not do anything wrong at all in this forum

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