PPPwn: the exploit has been fixed for “cursed” PS4 models


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8 Responses

  1. Hackerpunk1 says:

    On the pull request there are comments about what they did in order to fix the issue if anyone is interested

  2. ChrisPsy says:

    I get the PPPwned message if I dont use any payload. But when I insert usb with gen my PS4 crashes. Any help please?

  3. nick_thebug says:

    This is great news, i have one of those cursed models, i’ve been testing this update and now the exploit works like 90% of the time and without kernel panics,

  4. Cix says:

    I saw that they removed firmware check on github. Does that mean even 11.02 can be jailbroken but for now tools like GoldHEN still won’t work?

  5. Almeric says:

    With all these updates and fixes, would be recommended to update from 9.00 to 11.00?
    Is there any reason now to stay lower?

  6. Raging boner says:

    How bout the pi pwn? Is it already updated? Success rate ? Am using orange pi one pwn but its still like 5/10 success rate…

  7. Bob says:

    Everytime I use pppwn loader 1.9 it just gets stuck on loading… no error or anything no matter what I do it’s on loading… 1.5 worked flawlessly on my ps4 fat but not on my slim so I tried this and it’s absolutely garbage I set it up perfectly and it just constantly says loading…

  8. Potter445 says:

    Quand est-il pour les firmware 11.02 ? Cela dit, est-ce maintenant possible de jailbreaker la ps4 11.02 avec la nouvelle mise à jour du PPPwn ??

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