Hacker TheFlow discloses PlayStation Portal exploit (For Firmwares < 2.06)


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  1. ano says:

    The device only has 8gb of internal memory and you can’t add extra memory to it. In other words, practically useless for anything past running a bunch of cartridge roms.

    • mysteryuwoo says:

      It’s android. Even if you can’t use the built in usb port for storage, you can still mount a network share over wifi. e.g. from your phone.
      Or, use it for running other streaming apps. Would probably be ***’ for moonlight/steam remote play. Or install chiaki to use it with a ps4. (which you can’t do by default for some reason)

  2. Tom says:

    An super expensive tablet that can do less than what’s already widely available. Count me in !

  3. NK says:

    Just buy a tablet instead of waiting for this *** that’s all this thing is anyway.

  4. Adio$ony says:

    what is the actual hardware involved? Even hacked, can this device run anything meaningful on its own?
    Has Sony given up on all handheld devices then?
    I’m playing the c^@p out of my Steam deck and the playstations are gathering dust…
    Except the ps5, which is in the box on a shelf in the closet gathering dust.

    Hey wololo, maybe you could create a sign-in so we don’t have to put our info in every time we comment?

    • wololo says:

      I know it’s inconvenient to have to re-enter your info but I don’t want people to have to sign in to comment, for multiple reasons (privacy in particular)

  5. HaYNigloo says:

    Versus a Rog or Steam dedicated handheld device, this streaming handheld doesn’t compare. The only point I could see in this particular hack being useful, it leads to another vector in which to attack the PS5.

    • sigmaballz says:

      I mean thia device is an overpriced screen but comparing it to consoles that start around 100 dollars more for a used one isnt super fair. I’d say a retroid pocket or other similar device is a far better comparison.

  6. Firstus Fan says:

    I used to whitelist this site from adblock but this popup donation spam everytime I open the site is too annoying.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry about that. I added this donation button for people who want to use adblock but still want to support the site, per their request. I set it up to show the least often possible (basically when you close it it won’t show up for a few days) but I don’t have that much control other than that.

  7. Tim Schmuhl says:

    Better idea make a vita 2 sound good have the power of a ps 4-5 maybe. Know sony they will not get this correct. Sell it at a good price at $299-$399 and look you have a steam deck killer.

  8. spotanjo3 says:

    Ugly and useless Portal ever! It is only remote and a stream from ps5 on it. SO SO USELESS!!

    I am waiting for next new PS handheld (codename) that are in the work.

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