What we know about the upcoming Xbox One hack so far


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  1. Tom says:

    Glad they cleared up a lot of the rumors but it’s a step towards the right direction and to find out the series S/X were also impacted was surprising. Yesterday I reached into the storage, blew the dust off the Xbox One and followed all the steps. Funny enough my original Xbox One displayed a green screen after updating which required a system format to fix I then later found out this was an issue with the original systems when updating to the newest system firmware. Waiting game? No problem, I literally cannot think of one game I want to play on this thing but I’m all for it

  2. Yuu says:

    Forget about X-Box One, I want Ps4 Hen OFFLINE and Permanent.

  3. Konserwa says:

    Is anyone will have problem with making fake keyboard, download also this app Adv File Explorer (FullTrust)

  4. Ron says:

    Download the app adv explorer(full trust) and file explorer and its extension to skip the rubber ducky requirement

  5. Devjeet says:

    When you have an operating system that runs on 90% of computers, your computer defense game is on point. isn’t it true that, og Xbox and 360 was hacked due to a hardware flaw which was a weak point in Microsoft’s past.

  6. no1 says:

    Great, listened to this article, and now I am patched, thnx a lot

  7. Dan says:

    you could at least put a disclaimer if you are not accepting criticism when you are wrong, hope other people don’t update based on your ambiguity

    • wololo says:

      Hi Dan, not sure what you’re talking about. Comments on this blog are automatically checked for spam by an external system and there are some false positives occasionally. Additionally, all comments (not flagged as spam) are manually approved and that process might take a few days depending on my mood. Did you make a comment that didn’t show up, and is that what you’re referring to?

  8. dialtone says:

    poop i was a day late, looks like the regular update is now 10.0.25398.4908, double checked my console wasnt on the insiders program and the whats new section on update sections shows that version as current released 6/12/2024

    • gabrieluto says:

      Hey Carrot_c4k3 confirmed that version 4908 is still vulnerable, and I ran the poc myself with a cloned Game script app, I can add people so they can download it, my handle in discord is the same username

  9. drybones says:

    Looks like the Game Script app has been pulled.

  10. Kevin says:

    Game script isn’t on the store anymore. Bogus.

  11. Gabrieluto says:

    Game script app was taken down, I guess it’s too late now

  12. Pop says:

    Gamescript link leads to a 404 page. I dont think all of this works

  13. Alexandre says:

    The Game Script app was nuked, and the firmware update to block this exploit was already released. It looks like it’s already impossible to leave a console “prepared” for this.

  14. FreePlay says:

    Oops. The Game Script app has been removed from the store. So much for that…

  15. Guy says:

    (very easy achievement)

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