PS4 PPPwn Exploit: DroidPPPwn port to Android phones (version 1.1)


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12 Responses

  1. Hooy says:

    I remember hacking PS3 with MP3 player. Now I’ll hack PS4 with a phone

  2. silver18781 says:

    This has an PS3 Jailbreak with an iPod touch feel from back in the days 😀

  3. kicky says:

    newbie question here! Does the exploit itself have to be executed every time I boot up my console?

  4. me says:

    omg i loved the ham and cheese ps3 exploit
    thanks for your hard work

  5. dboyz90 says:

    Thanks this helps me a lot, average 2-3 trial with my samsung galaxy note 20 rooted

  6. MrBahamut says:

    F, the ethernet port still needed :/
    The only thing that has an ethernet port is an Android TV… so it would be better to go that way (apk for android tv).

    • wololo says:

      PPPwn is an ethernet protocol exploit, so of course an ethernet port is required

  7. lollypop says:

    DroidUbuntu psvita installer ..
    i mean is there finally an ubuntu 16.66 installer port touch for psvita via otg ubports etc …

  8. ano says:

    Pretty good. Too bad that you need a rooted phone to use it though.

  9. lolypop says:

    ios port plus instructions ?