MIG Switch, UnlockSwitch, MIG DIY: MIG V2 confirmed, and more clones surface (but we’ve yet to see them on retail)


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9 Responses

  1. DeadSpecimen says:

    We’re just built different with our leaks 😉

  2. SumGuyWhoLovesCats says:

    This is great clickable sh*t. Give me more of that toke please. I need to get high off this.


    I hope someone comes in, makes a REAL product, says nothing.


    *mic drop*

  3. Sjaak says:

    Wondering if the sourcecode and hardware design will leak out soon. They al seem to be based on the same design

  4. Eric says:

    As far as I understood, MigDIY is just a Mig Switch customization service. In fact, you can send your Mig Switch and for $24 they send you back Mig DIY. So they never claimed to be a clone, but a customization service.

    Now much more interesting: I was scammed (like many) by Allmiibo.net. This guy was just scamming customers, also with the many complaints we saw he ran a scam with Mig Switch distributors. Now I am still trying to get my money back (I have the owner name and phone) but no avail. And i go to their website, it redirects you to vampire.market and in terms of service: https://vampire.market/policies/terms-of-service
    There is unlockswitch mentioned all over!
    So just saying, the most known Mig Switch scammer with unlockswitch all over his website… I guess most can do 1+1

  5. roger says:

    those esp32 flashcart are going to be on aliexpress for dirt cheap soon

  6. RedEyeMagpie says:

    There are a few guys on Reddit that have their hands in Migswitch DIY. All in all they say it’s ok but only goes forward. So if you pass your game you must cycle through the whole set again. They should have had a way to go back. But obtained from TaoBao so they are out there.

  7. Mark says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of really helpful information for one post! I think you’re the first person to mention that MigDIY is a mod service. And also good detective work, with receipts, on your second point. Hope wololo and others pick up on this.

  8. techmantim says:

    Has anyone who is not a YouTuber received there’s? I ordered mine over 3 months ago and have not received it and they don’t really respond to email’s. Hope I haven’t lost my money.

    • LynnRay says:

      You probably did lose your money 🙁

      I had to chargeback on my credit card.