PS4: GoldHEN 2.4b17.2 released, adds support for Firmwares 10.00 / 10.01. Support for 9.60 is next.


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18 Responses

  1. 9.03 says:

    What a joke, 9.03 should been first.

  2. Almeric says:

    I haven’t seen any updated tutorial or updated version of PPPwn for Windows. Is there anything new or the old tutorial and files are still valid for this GoldHEN releases?

  3. Jack says:


  4. Alice says:

    Wonderful. This community is amazing.

  5. nick_thebug says:

    Great announcement. Any news for people like me having the “cursed models” who won’t just jailbreak?

    • wololo says:

      TheFloW has allegedly stated you might want to increase the “sleep” periods in some steps of the python script (apparently there are only two “sleep” calls so they’re not hard to find). That’s the only additional info I have.

  6. athan says:

    stuck at 10.50.. i wonder, should i update to 11.00? or just wait for my turn?

  7. Patrick says:

    10.50 please

  8. Girog says:

    is there a chance for 10.50 support ?

  9. Bigz says:

    Can you make a guide on how to update and run from a 9.00 cfw please

  10. Sam says:

    Does this mean this firmware 10.01 supports the webkit exploit?

    • wololo says:

      10.01 has the PPPwn exploit, not webkit. I’d like to understand where your confusion is coming from?

      • Sam says:

        I thought that every exploit has it’s own Goldhen, i saw a 9.00 jailbreak with that version of Goldhen so I thought this meant that 10.01 supports webkit exploit

        • wololo says:

          Hmmm… ok, I’m not sure what the confusion here is, but yeah, GolDHEN is available for multiple firmwares. Exploits are required to run GoldHEN, but they don’t have to be always based on webkit vulnerabilities.