PS4 Jailbreak: The status for Firmwares 11.02, 11.50 and above


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  1. PristTofs says:

    Slightly off-topic and pardon my ignorance, is a CFW or some kind of untethered exploit even possible on PPPwn exploitable PS4

  2. Dmon says:

    Of course hackers have access to another secret kernel exploit.
    They had long before PPPwn was released.
    If they were able to downport the latest games to lower firmwares means they had access to an exploit for th latest firmwares.
    Maybe they release once ps4 lifecycle is over an sony stops to release firmwares for it.

  3. Cecil says:

    I’ve seen you use that header picture many times. What is “ETA WEN” anyway?

    • wololo says:

      It’s just something people say. Typically as soon as a Jailbreak is released for the PS4, you’ll have people whining that their firmware is not supported. Here, as soon as PPPwn was released for 11.00, you had folks asking “waaa, but what about 11.50???”. So, these people are the ones asking “What’s the ETA for a 11.50 Jailbreak?”. Or “WHEN is the Jailbreak coming for MY console?”. They sound like entitled babies and we collectively call them the ETA WEN people. (WEN is just “WHEN” spelled incorrectly)

  4. lol.mam says:

    Where can I follow updates for any version 11.50 exploits or jailbreak? I’m not going to update my console. Hopefully a new exploit gets discovered.

  5. Paul says:

    Those links on the BwE article are dead now, not sure if you’re aware. It seems the dude made his work unavailable except if you pay him 200 dollars or some *** for a hardware flash device, and 20 bucks every time you need to use his validator tool.

    • wololo says:

      Yup, I need to write a new article with relevant links to the open source tools…

      • Paul says:

        At least the info is still out there. As far as I could determine, there’s free alternative tools for basically everything you’d wanna do with your eeprom and syscon. While the alternative NOR tools are open source, the syscon alternative isn’t though, still free though so can’t complain. I’m gonna rollback my bro’s 11.02 to 11.00 over the weekend, just practiced my soldering skills and tested my stm32 spi eeprom programmer. I’m good to go once my teensy arrives

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