Possibility for PPPwn on PS5? Here’s a bit of hope for PS5 users


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  1. waiting on 5.50 says:

    pls 5.50 fw

  2. waiting on 5.50 says:

    pls come out for 5.50 fw

  3. a7kold says:

    i have 5.10 PS5 and very wait JB for this FW.
    Thank you wololo.net, you are the best!

  4. Walter Wallace says:

    I have a PS5 in version 6.30 waiting for a miracle

  5. Walter Wallace says:

    I have a PS5 in version 6.30 waiting for a miracle

  6. Woncoco says:


  7. Lollypop says:

    Netflix iptv server dizquejockeytv with your Netflix page added to your library in your mediaserver pseudotvlive autochannel creation option and ffmpeg pops magic installscript for your transcoding and pppwn-iptv

  8. Axido says:

    I read the Zecoxao post somewhere else and ignored it. At least this article right here clarifies why it’s something notworthy. If it keeps impatient peeps from updating their consoles that’s great, but to me it doesn’t make a difference. I wasn’t gonna update my 8.00 PS5 any further and I got plenty to play on it. Take your time, guys.

  9. Predator0808 says:

    6.50 here, waiting for working exploit – can be chained with bd-jb if userland is needed, bought BluRay Recorded especially for this purpose 🙂

  10. Ps565 says:

    But I understand that the extra security in the PS5 are for PS5 games, do we need more than a kernel exploit to run PKG of PS4?

    • wololo says:

      The PS5 additional securities protect the entirety of the system. They basically prevent us from editing the kernel in RAM at runtime, like we do on the PS4 with HEN.

  11. Metametal says:

    Here i was hoping the ps5 version would have came out relatively soon after the ps4 version.Can only hope for my 8.00 system.



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