Release: the next milestone for the PS4 PPPwn exploit is speed and reliability. C++ port shows promising 10x speed increase


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  1. Axudo says:

    And that’s why I urge everyone who wants to get into programming to learn python only to never ever use it again and instead go the extra mile and learn a language that doesn’t cripple performance. That being said I am a bit shocked that TheFlow of all people went with python in the first place.

    • wololo says:

      It really depends what the goal is. Andy is doing research and development, literally “proof of concept” work to find an explain flaws. A scripting language like Python is ideal in his context: fast to iterate and tweak for tests. Porting it to C/C++ then makes sense to use the exploit at scale for a massive amount of users.

  2. Tiago Gonçalves maciel says:

    O meu foi de primeira usando o método do theflow, e demorou no máximo 40 segundos já instalei 2 jogos e está rodando liso você sabe se tem problema deixar o ps4 no standby pra n ter q repetie o processo de desbloqueio dinovo porque meu Pc está longe do ps4

  3. Lestat___ says:

    12 mai
    Done! My PS4 CUH-1200 with SSD takes 27 seconds to boot

    it’s the last fat model not a pro

  4. protectivedad says:

    I run it on OpenWRT.

    • wololo says:

      It would be awesome if you could show that on a video. I really like the idea of “embedding” the exploit in existing hardware so you don’t need yet another device connected to the PS4

    • Jason says:

      How do you run it on openwrt?

  5. nick_thebug says:

    There are a lot of users including me that are having 0% succes rate and Kernel Panics with any of the methods, we have tried everything (changin eth cable, using raspberry pi method, different payload, etc.) nothing works, some folks commented on modded warfares video and it had a lot of responses from users experiencing the same issue but the comment was silently removed, i don’t know if its has to do with the ps4 model or the fact that the system is not PSN activated, i have no means to test it, because you need to update to latest firmware if you want to activate the console. My PS4 pro model is CUH-7015B

    • wololo says:

      I would find it strange that it has anything to do with the console being activated or not (or, rather, if it does, I’m sure it’s just a side effect, and not something actually blocking the exploit). So definitely do not end up updating your console by mistake looking for issues in that direction!
      I saw that Zecoxao is looking into this here, you might want to shoot him a message:

      • nick_thebug says:

        Thanks i already did, i know the exploit it’s on early stage but in order to fix a problem you have to acknowledge it first, i hope the people involved looks into it.

    • RdCardoso says:

      Tbm não estou conseguindo injetar o goldhen. Já fiz vários procedimentos. Sempre chega no final do script e congela a tela do ps4, me obrigando a tirar o aparelho da tomada e reconstruir o banco de dados.
      Estou na Fw 11.00 e usei um note no Windows 11, com cabo de rede rj45.

  6. Ed says:

    I noticed the PiPwn repo keeps being updated. curious if it is worth updating the raspberry pi with a recent PiPwn. If so, can you outline how to update the deployment on the raspberry pi? or should i start from scratch?

    • wololo says:

      You should be able to just replace the files on the SD card without having to reinstall everything. Given how fast things are changing for now I’d strongly recommend you update when you can, yes. This could mean improved stability or speed of the exploit

  7. Ed says:

    Can i passthru a USB flash drive on the raspberry pi 3 or lower containing the goldhen package?

  1. May 14, 2024

    […] of the PS4 PPPwn exploit, designed to run the attack from a rooted LG Smart TV. It is based on the recent C++ port of the exploit, meaning it should run at good speeds. Developer Zauceee states the exploit takes about 20s (from […]

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