PPPwn: You can now run GoldHEN on PS4 11.000 with a Raspberry Pi, and it’s 100% automated


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  1. Bro says:

    I want 9.60, why its so long. Its so hard to make, or…?

  2. subworx says:

    What I don’t understand is how do I connect the PS4 to the internet (not for PSN but for downloading stuff, updates etc)? Can I set it to use local WiFi once pppwn has been triggered, and still have the exploit work? Do I have to “setup” pppoe, then enter the WiFi stuff again? Can the RasPi possibly act as a bridge to the remaining network?
    I’m a bit confused so clarification would be great. Thank you ūüôā

  3. Charles Fasano says:

    I tried exploiting my 11.00 PS4 using a VM running Windows 10 as I don’t use Windows normally but couldn’t get it to work (kept getting stuck on Heap Grooming” around 60 – 80%) but this method worked first try and works on a cold boot.

    I hope a few tweaks could be applied so that the PS4 automatically switches from a PPPoE Network to a normal Network for internet access once Jailbreak has loaded and on a normal shutdown the Network is automatically switched back to PPPoE. I’m sure someone with coding knowledge could add this to GoldHEN as that would eliminate the need to keep manually changing the Network setting to PPPoE and Normal.

    I successfully decrypted a game update that requires 10.70 (Borderlands 3 1.30). So happy about that.

    Can’t wait for more progress on this exploit to happen on the PS5 side.

    People thought the PS4 scene was dead but a lot has happened very quickly.

  4. Nobody says:

    Every time I try run It said obtain IP address failed and pppwn stack at loading. I check everything and it’s look fine. I watch modded warfare video and do everything it says.any way to solve my problem? thanks for your time

  5. Wender says:

    I have everything I need to follow this tutorial, but I’m just missing one thing! I’m missing GoldHen 9.03! ;_)

  6. ano says:

    This sounds truly fantastic. For those Do you think it is possible to have other things do the same automatically though? For example, an app on one’s phone, or somehow tricking the PS4 its self into doing it ?

  7. lollypop says:

    Your pms … personal media server (usually plex)
    can need a buddy frontpage or server catlog page
    one that displays eatch share with a shuffle view to discover more …
    more and more views and hack to views on the usenet firefox page in ur browser …

  8. Cecil says:

    Now, how about triggering the PPPwn jailbreak from an ethernet capable Android box?

  9. STARFIELD REDFALL XSX xbox360 xbox ps4 ps3 vita 72 seasons says:

    never only 9.0 is so fast with usb 2.0

  10. In the original video, the guy configures the Pi to access remotely and launch two command lines. You only need to do this once and then it will always call in a loop to unlock the PS4. So at this stage I preferred to connect the Pi directly to the monitor and write the two command lines instead of looking for it on the network. The card already has an HDMI port for this.

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