Where to get a PS4 with firmware 11.00 or lower


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  1. condoro says:

    Also look out for “damaged disc drive” they are cheaper and guaranteed to be on lower firmware because you cannot update if the disc drive doesn’t work. You could fix it to update to 11.0 or wait for a version in between to get goldhen.

  2. JustAnotherOne says:

    my ps4 hasn’t been turned on since 2016 when i got my ps4 pro. my ps4 pro hasn’t been turned on since around 2019. don’t remember what firmware they’re on.

  3. Tom says:

    Using 9.03 or not hackable keywords really help as many old listings are still up. I already have a hackable ps4 and 5 but if I see a limited edition death stranding console at a good price I’ll get it always wanted that one

  4. Alty says:

    Oh this is what I expected, well last year in November, December 2023, there were new PS4 with Firmware 10.50, they were Bundles that brought Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, osea were 2022 consoles. At that time I was waiting for the Golhen but now that it came out, most likely most new consoles should bring Firm 11.00. But as uncle Wololo says, it is better to look for used ones. In my case I will try to find a new one with Firm 11:00 or lower.
    Greetings and thanks for the info

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  5. Eazye says:

    What about a hackable PS5 as an option #3?

  6. lollypop says:

    i was just wondering where to get pseudotvlive channel creation automatic
    like automatic-channel-creation from created channnels in dizquetv
    or even ersatztv without adding it to the playout or the shedule
    becuz that stuff is literally to advanced for my headache :p