PS4: GoldHEN 2.4b17 released, brings long awaited PS4 FW 11.00 Support via PPPwn exploit!


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  1. First says:


  2. ASk says:

    hello i’m on 9.0.3 and i have the noBD error. how can i update now to 11.00? hope someone can help

    • wololo says:

      You’ll need to wait for someone to work on a 9.03 NoBD updater I think

    • Calikid says:

      Can you not update via USB either from settings or through safe mode?

    • Yonas Bereket says:

      Go and watch modded warfare video on youtube bro

    • Ephraim Lekane says:

      Tu peux télécharger sur le site officiel, ensuite à base d’une clé usb formater en Fat32, tu crées un dossier PS4 dans le dossier PS4 tu crées un dossier UPDATE et tu mets le système 11.00 à l’intérieur, ensuite tu allume la ps4, tu pars dans les paramètres de mise à jours et tu mets à jours

  3. Happy says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. giblle says:

    are there any plans for a 9.03 release?

  5. Sushumna says:

    Finally here!
    Very good job, guys!!
    However, I still have an issue (maybe it’s normal, I don’t know, this is my first attempt at something like this).
    GoldHEN is not persistent and I need to move my PS4 to my PC room to execute the exploit.
    If I run the exploit and then enable the rest mode support, it remains persistent after the console enters sleep mode, but not after a reset. I need to unplug my PS4 to move it to my TV.
    Is there a way to make GoldHEN persistent?
    Also, I have another question, after installing GoldHEN, should the homebrew store be installed by default, or do I need to install it manually?

    • KLMtheReal says:

      GoldHEN for 11.00, as any previous PS4 jailbreak, is not persistent as in PS3’s CFW. You’ll have to trigger it every time you power off your console. Regarding your issue, given that you don’t have any laptop with Ethernet around, someone already tries to implement the exploit trigger using a rooted android phone with ethernet adapter. Rumor has it that we’ll be able to trigger the exploit with a programmed Raspberry Pi in the future. Now, regarding your second question, you’ll have to manually install the Homebrew Store, R2 is the latest.

    • First says:

      I Think Rest mode isn’t fully supported on this release, I hope future upgrades fix and make the exploit easy to a 9.0 user have reliable reasons to updade.

  6. Tom says:

    Amazing welcome to the jailhouse new 11.0 members. I’ve been on 5.0 for years hope the new games updates and DLC coming won’t have issues. I also really wanna pick up a new unopened ps4 special edition 11.0 or under before the prices go even higher

  7. Mustard says:

    Finally! Couldn’t wait for this! Exploit is slow, really slow, but at least it works, awesome work everybody involved!

  8. celo says:

    So should us 9.60 (and other non-11.00) folk update now since 11.00 has both exploits and GoldHEN working?

    • wololo says:

      Your choice. Some people say that 9.60 is arguably “better” than 11.00 because PSFree (Webkit exploit) is working up to 9.60

  9. Nick says:

    The instruction from the link#1 doesn’t make sense to me so is it just better to stay on 9.00 until there’s some sort of dumber version of it released like visiting a webpage (like 9.00 exploit)? Is there any different from 9.00 and 11.00 versions besides being able to run games that requires a higher firmware version?

  10. Jay says:

    Is there any reason to update to 11.0 if one already has a 9.0 PS4? Is there any advantage to being on the newer base firmware? Any disadvantage?

  11. Tronikx says:


    I’m actually on 11.02.
    If i revert to 11 (or less to 11, i don’t know… and then update to 11, can i update to GoldHEN 2.4b17? is there something i can follow to revert my PS4?


  12. isit says:

    so pppwn isnt usable on ps5 ?

  13. Sergey says:

    Just updated from 9.03 to 11.00 It’s sweet, GoldHEN is working perfectly! Many thanks for all guys for this day! From Russia with love!

  14. chocodamo says:

    Saw this at noon today! via Sistr0 ko-fi page! Always on point, Wololo!

    Now I have a question. I’ve got a ps4 pro model with 9.60 on it, is it advisable to update to 11.00? Any benefit from updating since the PPPwn has been ported already for that FW.

  15. Zord says:

    Should people on 9.03 wait to see what happens or upgrade?

    • Rava says:

      Wait as there are more exploit on lower versions, probably there will be sweet spot between 9.03 and 11

  16. chocodamo says:

    Guess my reading comprehension needs some work. As you stated in the post:
    > Important: this stage2.bin file is required to run GoldHEN, and only works on Firmwares 9.00 and 11.00

    I think I need to update then if I want GoldHEN running on my PS4! Does anyone have a safe link to download PS4 firmwares?

    Moreover, these are some great news to the community! Indeed all of this work has been long waited!

  17. MetaMetal says:

    Now to wait for the ps5.I wonder how long it take.

  18. naxil says:

    Nice! I hope more people now can use goldhen and make .ore homebrew/linux distro/emulators and porting.
    Linux for ps4 need a special distro and repositorys with good 3d/wifi/bt driver/mod/mesa

  19. Subtixx says:

    Somehow it doesn’t work for me. I’m on 11.00 but the exploit only says “PPPwned” even though I replaced the stage2.. Is there any specific format the USB Stick should be on? I used FAT32 and exFAT both didn’t work. Tried also nothing plugged in except the usb stick.

    • muchomacho says:

      If you are seeing PPPwned, that means the actual exploit, is working. Your GoldHEN payload isn’t working. Be sure it’s on a USB stick, formatted to exFAT, and is called precisely goldhen.bin

      If neither format worked for you, the PS4 may not like that particular stick. Try another. I had to go through 3 of them, before my PS4 Pro actually picked up the goldhen.bin file. I used an old 8GB stick. Smaller the stick, the better these consoles seem to like them.

      Hopefully helps ya get it going.

    • mrpostiga says:

      Exfat, and the exploit is not very stable….

  20. theman says:

    9.0 exploit was wayyyy easier

    • Frist says:

      I agree, I won’t do the update unless it’s simpler or at least eliminates the use of USB, and have a online host to make things easy.

    • First says:

      I agree, I won’t do the update unless it’s simpler or at least eliminates the use of USB, and have a online host to make things easy.

  21. idea says:

    gr8, now could someone please put this into a docker image that always pings the playstations local IP and tries to pwn it automatically once its turned on? with goldhen once copied to local /data this could then really act almost like a custom firmware

  22. Mohd says:

    I am on 10.50. What is the recommendation? Should I update to 11.00 or wait for GoldHen support?

  23. Quantex says:

    Does it works on PS4 Pro?

  24. UnfortunateGuy says:

    Exploit is heavily unstable… Tried with 3 different computers, did not work on neither of them. On one PC, tried well over 15 times, only 3 of them reached the injecting stage2.bin payload, and even when it stated “Done”, nothing showed on screen, so it did not work. On another PC, it always hanged at a specific network step, so that one didn’t even reached the search for corrupted object… On the third PC, well over 15 tries, a few of them made the PS4 just crash, and the 2 or 3 times it did state that it worked, again, nothing showed on the PS4… So this is not only unstable, but also heavily hardware-dependant…

  25. cris says:

    if I have a original firmware launch edition ps5 that’s exploitable would that be better then a 11.00 ps4 if im playing ps4 titles or does it not matter?

    • wololo says:

      Depends what you’re looking for. In my experience, PS4 games run *better* on a PS5 simply because it is much more powerful (and roughly the same architecture, so no emulation involved). However, exploiting a PS4 is generally easier and less hurdle than the PS5.
      So, personally, I run my PS4 games on my “gaming” PS5…but you don’t need a hack for that, since PSN will let you download and run your PS4 games on the PS5.
      for homebrew and hacks currently I’d recommend a PS4 over a PS5.

  26. mohd says:

    Hello! Thanks for sharing the last updates. I have been watching this site closely since last year that I got a PS4 pro with fw 10.50. Yesterday I tested the FloWs work and first try it worked. Then I upgraded to 11.00 and it did not work anymore with more than 30 retry.

    BUT I found someone who made another code that is faster and has auto retry and it worked in first runtime (retried like 4 times). Please inform people about this. There is a typo in README for build step but you can see how it works in .github action (

    Please inform others who were waiting. I have HoldHen now!!! so happpy 😀

  27. Chainsaw says:

    Hi. I own a lot of old PS1 and PS2 games (original) and a PS3 with Rebug firmware and Multi Man. What do you recommend for playing the old PS1 and PS2 games (and copy them to the hard disc), should I stay on the hacked PS3, or change to PS4 ? Do I have the same possibilities with GoldHen on PS4 than with Rebug on PS3 (at least for playing PS1/PS2 games)? Do I see correct, that at the moment I have to jailbreak / enable GoldHen on PS4 (11.00) every time again after turning of the PS4 ? Do you think, there will be soon a permanent hack / custom firmware to install?

    • wololo says:

      You are correct that you have to reload the exploit every single time you reboot with the PS4, and I don’t see this changing any time soon (it has been the case for 10 years on all public PS4 exploits).

      The issues I personally have with PS3 is that (in my opinion) it is fairly underpowered in 2024. I personally grew tired of its abysmal loading times and huge energy consumption. In my opinion, the PS4 is much better on that aspect. However, if you have no issues currently with PS1/PS2 emulation and still want to play PS3 games, I’m not sure a PS4 is the right choice for you. A PS4 is great to play… PS4 games. As a general homebrew/emulation machine, the PS3 remains better simply because it has had a much more active homebrew scene.

      Just my opinion of course.

  28. Chainsaw says:

    Hi. I own a lot of old PS1 and PS2 games (original) and a PS3 with Rebug firmware and Multi Man. What do you recommend for playing the old PS1 and PS2 games (and copy them to the hard disc), should I stay on the hacked PS3, or change to PS4 ? Do I have the same possibilities with GoldHen on PS4 (at least for playing PS1/PS2 games) than I have with Rebug on PS3 ? Do I see correct, that at the moment I have to jailbreak / enable GoldHen every time again after turning of the PS4 ? Do you think, there will be soon a possibility to make it permanent / to install a custom firmware?

  29. NaitAmara says:

    Great week for the jailbreak community. Thanks everyone for the effort.
    I’ve successfully run the exploit and already installer several games PKGs on my console. I understand I have to put the unit on reest mode.
    I have one question: what happens to the installed games (PKGs) in case of a power outage?

    • wololo says:

      The installed FPKGs will still be there. but if you reboot (or turn off) the console, they will refuse launch until you re-run the exploit. The only reason to keep your PS4 in rest mode is so that you don’t have to re-run the exploit, but beyond that, anything you install, etc… stays here even if you turn the console off. You can safely turn off your console if you want to. Keeping it into rest mode is *only* so that you don’t have to re-run the exploit next time. People like to do that in order to save time and frustration (because some of the exploits have a low success rate and therefore need to be attempted multiple times), that’s all.

  30. Mikey says:

    On step 6 my PS4 shutdown. Fans were still on. I waited a while but nothing happened. Restarted it and all I hear are two clicks (apparently from the PSU area) and it won’t boot. Only the fans work. I manage to get into Safe Mode, but I tried all options except reinstalling the firmware. I hope it’s not bricked 🙁

    • wololo says:

      It is extremely unlikely that GoldHEN or this hack would brick your console. The “clicks” however are a bit concerning and could indicate a hardware issue 🙁

  31. Codespy says:

    Does anybody know if there is a plan to port GoldHEN to 9.60?

  32. Geno says:

    I’m also at 9.60. Theoretically, 9.60 is better than 11.00. I will wait.

  33. Seannor says:

    BTW, direct connect “PC-PS4” isn’t really needed, pppwn works even via router.

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