Rumor: “UnlockSwitch” claim they have reverse engineered the MIG Switch and have a clone under way


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14 Responses

  1. Charles Fasano says:

    My interest in the MIG Switch has to do with being able to have more storage for games even on a hacked Switch as I would be able to have all my cartridge games on the microSD card in the MIG cart and all digital on the internal microSD card. It would be a much better option than trying to replace the internal 32GB nand with a 512GB chip. Plus I would not be limited to a hacked Switch.

  2. Charles Fasano says:

    I would be worried about the MIG Switch containing anti-clone code that could brick the system like Gateway did on the 3DS.

    • wololo says:

      Me too

      • Clarifying says:

        Don’t worry, mig swtich doesn’t run custom code or require a software exploit (unlike gateway did), so can’t alter your device to brick it.
        This is just a hardware device that pretends to be a game cart.

  3. None says:

    Since the MIG Switch directly connects to the console, could it being using some sort of JTAG chain in order to screw with things in the console? It does have an FPGA inside, which is very useful for high speed I/O changes.

  4. Jean-Pierre says:

    Why bother tho? It costs more, does less and is not even less vulnerable to ban when compared to the modchips. We need more clones of the modchip instead of this to bring the price down.

  5. cris says:

    if the price is right i will take one , migswitch is more expensive to my country than a modchip

  6. Maniac says:

    A clone of this flashcart is welcome, but I can’t help but wish it had a button like the Sky3DS to make switching games incur less wear and tear on the cartridge slot.

  7. Bl4ck says:

    The solder mask on the unlock switch pcb is black while the Mig’s is blue, that would be a hint that these are at least clones and not a sticker on top of Mig carts. Now whether these have been reverse engineered or not is a different story.

  8. Long live team xecuter!!

  9. Maav says:

    Hard to say it’s a MIG Switch on a different shell. The MIG uses a blue lacquer while the Unlock uses a black one, and every MIG Switch PCB I’ve seen online seems to have 4 test probe points near the notch — absent in the Unlock PCB.

    That being said, this doesn’t prove anything about the Unlock just having reverse engineered which ICs are in the MIG and copying the firmware.

  10. Snil says:

    What’s with the development part in “back-up and development device”?
    I thought software through carts requires a valid key from nintendo to work, so what kind of development can be done on this thing?

    • wololo says:

      Yeah MIG and clones just put that on their description to look like there could be legit uses for the devices. In practice they’re only useful for piracy

  11. globalwarming says:

    Slapping their brand on top of the chips themselves is sus