PlayStation Portal: TheFloW confirms exploit patched in Firmware 2.06


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28 Responses

  1. John D says:

    Seems almost like egging the response on, why would you announce that you did? Like even if it makes little difference, it’s still weird imho.

  2. Louie says:

    Yeah, wholeheartedly agree here. For something like the PS Portal, you’re basically stuck with a brick if you don’t update it. And given the fact that it’s a bit more limited than other handhelds out there (As you mentioned, a Steam Deck is a good shout), it’s probably just more appropriate to buy that for things like PPSSPP, etc.

    One thing that people are still not learning is about the harassment towards community members. I remember quite a few years ago now, when the fl0w was harassed about a PSVita exploit at the time, and so many people were pushing them and being aggressive towards them to release it, which nearly had them drop the whole thing entirely.

    Unless you want to all start losing more members in the scene, stay quiet unless you have something positive to say.

  3. johnny says:

    It’s not that he released it to Sony. It’s that he didn’t release it to us. Why even showcase an exploit if you have no intentions on making it public? Just submit it to Sony quietly and keep chasing that payday. It comes off as him just stroking his ego.

    • bishassflow says:

      this what ive always said about theflow, dood just wants to collect his payday which i can’t fault the guy but hate always showcasing exploits he wont share publicly to stroke his ego. Its been patched, throw us a bone, especially on the ps5 front

      • wololo says:

        Most of the PS4/PS5 exploits we have today are thanks to him and his disclosures to Sony. What are you talking about.

        • Johnny says:

          The difference is those exploits get released when Sony allows it. He’s not releasing it directly to everyone. I’m not smart enough to do half the stuff this guy does, let alone work at Google. I’m not trying to marginalize the contributions he’s made to the scene. All I’m saying is I can see how people could complain about his posts. He’s showing all these awesome things we can do with our consoles. We just can’t do it until big daddy Sony says it’s ok to do so. In a way he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is obviously something he’s passionate about. Id want to show everyone what I discovered too. He either makes it public and suffers the wrath of Sony (remember geohot)? Or, he can profit off his talents and hope that eventually Sony allows the exploits to come out. If it was me, I’d take the money and play it safe too.

    • Tyler says:

      Money, He is a greedy tool. A Sonywhore

      • drewski says:

        wouldnt you be doing the same thing for thousands and thousands of dollars on each exploit? I mean really sit bac and think about what you just said….

    • Corben says:

      Not sure how Sony handles things, but usually there are some rules you need to follow if you want to get a payout, and that includes not releasing the exploit until a certain time when the company is okay with it. We have seen many exploits in the past that were disclosed first and later released to the scene.

      • Chad says:

        Things can always be released anonymously. He isn’t the only one with talent, “TheClogged” could have made the same discovery and released it. Just a thought. I wanted a reason to buy one.

        • Drewski says:

          Not worth buying a portal, this will be one of many failed projects and possibly worse than what we had with the vita, and the VITA woudlve been KING if it wasnt for the unnecesary extra features on the device and being so locked down on hardware you can buy for it.

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  6. Patrick D Martin says:

    Andy’s a traitor, but I would expect no less from someone who works for a tech company in Silicon Valley

  7. Cognoscenti says:

    Wow wow wow !!!
    Great news

    Im still sitting on my Beta 2.0 Firmware.
    I HOPE that somes guys (The Flow or Flatz) will release an hypervisor exploit for everyone that are under 2.5 and waiting since November 2020 !

    Thanks for the update wololo

  8. Cognoscenti says:

    erase my previous comment , i thought recent The Flow news was about the PS5 console lol

  9. Tom says:

    Due to the limited memory of the device I really dont see it having much use past light emulation if that not any ways overpriced tablet and the Flow a Sonywhore

  10. Tyler says:

    Maybe because you did it for a payday? Or because you announce you did just for clout?

    Imagine announcing something to a community that you betray in the same action, and then wondering why they don’t like what you do.
    Your loyalties lie with a company that just wants to make money off of us without offering what we want, an actual handheld.

  11. pissstaition69 says:

    Why are people annoyed that he reported to Sony? That’s how its always been: Report it to Sony. Wait for Sony to patch it. Confirm it has been patched. Optional: After a decent amount of time passes, request to disclose it. It’s not like it’s anything new.

    • Johnny says:

      It wasn’t always like that. It’s just become the norm. You asked why people were annoyed and then went into detail about why they’re annoyed. You basically answered your own question.

      • pissstaition69 says:

        It’s because of legal fears, similar to what Nintendo recently did with Yuzu. If you don’t show you are on the company’s side, they’ll assume you intend to harm them and will go after you. If you want these hackers to being able to find these exploits (and potentially release them), this it how it has to be done unfortunately. Else, the company will sent them to court and lock them up. Then how will you get your exploit???

      • pissstaition69 says:

        Just be glad he makes these posts. He shows what is possible. Even if he doesn’t release anything, it could inspire someone to figure out how to accomplish what he did it and then they could release it.

        • johnny says:

          If he’s smart enough to find these exploits on a regular basis. I’m sure he’s smart enough to find a way to leak it anonymously. I have a feeling that by him releasing things this way it accomplishes two things.

          1) Everyone gets to know it’s him who found it
          2) he gets paid.

  12. marko cain says:

    Go to school and learn programming and hack your own device. In the meantime, ***…
    Whiny babies.

  13. Ron says:

    Sony usually allows researchers to disclose their vulnerabilities after they are patched. And for those who are lucky enough to have a device on older firmware or a if a method of downgrade is found it could be considered an amicable solution to past corporate antagonism.

  14. someone says:

    I think you have to do a firmware update as part of the setup process, so you’re kind of shafted if you don’t already own one when a vuln is found.

    You could totally still use chiaki or the android remote play app on the device after hacking it though. No idea if that performs worse though.