Atmosphère 1.7.0 and Hekate 6.1.1 released, add support for Nintendo Switch Firmware 18.0.0


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11 Responses

  1. ferris1000 says:

    Isn’t 1.8.0 obsolete?

  2. Fleafred says:

    Hello everybody !
    I just made the update but had a litttle surprise : a nice bluescreen …
    The sysmmc is working like a charm as the android session .
    Somebody’s got an idea ?
    Thanks .

    • Fleafred says:

      I fixed it by updating IN Hekate , not with Daybreak .
      Then an other problem : .ini missing to boot Android .
      Fixed too .
      Ouf !

  3. SoulVX says:

    Not to be that guy, but the title of your article needs a tiny bit of correction. It should say “Nintendo Switch Firmware 18.0.0” not 1.8.0
    Probably just a typo, but I thought I should point it out for you

  4. E says:

    Should be noted that the new atmosphere intentionally breaks sigpatches when using only fusee

    More fallout from the yuzu takedown, I’m assuming

    • wololo says:

      Interesting… are there more details on that somewhere?

      • e says:

        The gbatemp thread for atmosphere sigpatches has people talking about it since the release. Not sure how common a setup sigpatches + fusee was, but I was using it, and will have to sort something out whenever I eventually update

  5. ANTHONY Hughes says:

    All useless if you can’t use a USB hard drive like sosx let’s face it Hdd is just a big thumb drive !