Did Nintendo create a Switch emulation hydra?


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14 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Terrifying but I said this was going to happen a long time ago on the initial MIG article. The aftermarket is sc***. Nintendo will have to let the switch run it’s course due to the risk of banning legit users and shift it’s resources to the next system which will not be backwards compatible. Not too worried about the clone karts even if the molding is perfect the internal board will not. The improved performance on emulation mode is funny but not surprising and would only apply to games that were poorly optimized since emulation mode uses overclock settings.

    • Jj says:

      It will be backwards compatible goofy

    • Kidd says:

      Without backwards compatibility they risk losing a huge market share, especially for the first several years after introducing a successor.

      Of course they could release a new system and just run one of these emulators on it to allow BC

    • Kidd says:

      They will at least need to implement on of these emulators if they close off next Gen titles. Without the ability to play ones digital library they may lose a large share of existing users to other platforms. Especially in the first few years

    • Mike B says:

      What’s terrifying about it, exactly?

  2. anon says:

    Ah they’re citruses because they leave a sour taste in Nintendo’s mouth? 😀

  3. globalwarming says:

    It’s how it always goes eh? You can’t use law to stop something if the masses want it. They’re just making themselves look bad and burning what little goodwill they had left for no reason.

  4. none says:

    The photo os Switch emulator running on Switch console burned my head

  5. Jason says:

    I played breath of the wild on cemu. Infinitely better experiance than the switch and the wiiu 60fps. To me it was unplayable on the consoles they were made for.

  6. Matt says:

    Ok that’s actually incredibly funny that people are going out of their way to mess with Nintendo ….the ghost of Yuzu haunts it killer 🙂

  7. ano says:

    That is honestly insane lol. The emulator, on linux, on Switch, runs games better than native switch XD

    • TheBakerCat says:

      Because they overclock the device to the maximumunder linux. You can get a similar or even better result if you overclock switch under HOS

  8. Gasek says:

    Are there PS 5 emulators that can play current titles well on middle of the road hardware? NO.

    Switch in terms of hardware is easy to emulate because the hardware is not very powerful.

    Next time make your console a powerful one, just like the upcoming Xbox and PS and I guarantee you, Nintendo, that you won’t experience emulation problems for a few years after launch date.

    • conan says:

      There’s a lot more to it than just the hardware specs. If it was just that, then all it would take is a beefier computer to fix problems. It’s historically harder to crack PlayStation for other reasons. Nobody bothers with XBox emulation because it’s just a PC in a trenchcoat.