Yuzu is over


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16 Responses

  1. Gr33k says:

    Someone else will pick up where they left off….sucks to be them!

  2. anonymoose says:

    Developers should get together and sue Nintendo since their rights are being violated by Nintendo literally using emulation too!!!! ROFL

  3. Lucas says:

    Well the problem is that Yuzu sold their illegal emulator for money (also Citra), patreon, etc….
    probably they made more than enough money so paying 2.4million was not really a loss for them. I’d say Nintendo shutting them down is really very understandable.

    Ryujinx is a free emulator, there are no paid versions of it and such, though they also accept donations, which might be still targeted, I am not sure.
    If the devs wants to be careful maybe they will shut down the emulator before NIntendo targets them, that is not really out of question either….

  4. Stepperer says:

    So now it’s not devs making money on Pathreon for early access, it is us users, who is to blame. Evil, evil users, using software designed for piracy to pirate games…
    So how much money they were making, that 2.5M bribe is a reasonable choice to save the rest of the profits?

  5. cracker says:

    I’m glad that I installed it on my PCs before they took it down. I knew it was inevitable. It’s been a bad day.

  6. Nemes says:

    Unfortunate, but not unexpected. They were told from the start that charging for experimental builds (that happened to also be the best way to run pre-release/pirated games) would eventually attract the ire of Nintendo and put them on the wrong side of the law. And that’s exactly what’s done them in.

    I’m in no way happy to be losing a good Switch emulator. But they did this to themselves; and sometimes you just can’t save someone from themself.

  7. Jhon says:

    Don’t make Patreon Early Access if you don’t want to be Axed.

  8. Jack Hill says:

    there goes nin again taking lessens from the giant crab. nin says it loves fans but this says just the oppisite
    FU nin hope u suffer bankruptcy

  9. FuckNintendo says:

    That “statement” reads 100% like it was drafted for them by Nintendo Lawyers… I mean it parrots Nintendo own claims against Yuzu. What a scummy POS company Nintendo is. They deserve to be pirated

    • wololo says:

      For sure, they had legal guidance on what to write here. Probably must have been written in agreement between Nintendo’s lawyers and their lawyer

  10. GTAFAN says:

    This is MASSIVE *** for those who liked to play Nintendo games on pc

  11. Alexandr says:

    I’ll just leave this here

  12. Nintendont says:

    Switch 2 must be fully backwards compatible with the switch and Nintendo is afraid a emulator is already up and running for the switch

    A few updates and it’s playing switch 2 games

    And with launch consoles always sell out and are hard to find, so many people would just download the emulator and be happy with it

  13. tt says:

    when nintendo realize the switch 2 still be beaten by yuzu