The PlayStation Portal has been hacked, can run PSP emulator


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14 Responses

  1. bolo says:

    Cool but also useless. PS portal is so ridiculously expensive you might as well buy a decent android tablet with a decent gamepad grip – perhaps one xbox branded and then buy switch for the spare price difference hahaha You will get the same playstation streaming for android + xbox streaming + PC streaming + everything else you can run on android…

  2. Rava says:

    The flow gives favor to Sony; without this news, everyone forgets it even exists.

    • Outrunner says:

      Of course he does, he gets the big bucks from them…

    • Rynne says:

      Sony just happens to be the most popular platform (that’s all). Not everyone cares to game at the same place they just “viewed” *** -shout out to the pc boys . Wankers.

  3. ano says:

    Cool, but without anyway to expand that tiny storage it isn’t really useful much. Still cool though.

  4. Ravage says:

    Does anyone know how to activate my ps4 as primary without updating the firmware?

  5. Wipe out says:

    So the PSP can now emulate the PSP. Not impressed at all.

  6. J0ker says:

    Haha cool, but still useless. Those scalpers really need to stop buying these things, they’ll just keep restocking. Leave it to the casuals to waste their money. Still, ppl doubted, saying it’s unhackable but never underestimate the modding community.

    I’ll stick to using my Switch Lite for streaming like Gamepass and PS RP. heck for that same amount you’re better off buying that or save it and get something better like a Steam deck.

  7. Lollypop says:

    Hah the next gen emulator ps4 is a Remote-play-server !!!!
    Zo lets allbuy playstion remote portal for your emulator
    Tnv ark etc

  8. HaYNigloo says:

    PS Portal Android exploiting might be another vector to escalate PS5 privileges?