PS4: PSFree for Firmware 7.02 implemented with Kernel exploit


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7 Responses

  1. lollypop says:

    ps4-ps5-psfree 7.05 with latest firmware spoof dual firmware emmc

  2. Downgrader says:

    People have been aggressively told to update to 9.00 for years now. Additionally, for a long time it was and kinda still is uncertain whether new GoldHEN versions will continue to support 7.xx. I wonder how many people still are on 7.02. Kudos to anyone who stayed strong and didn’t upgrade. Now you have a jailbreak that’s objectively better than 9.00 because it runs as fast, has about the same crash rate, and yet does not require a USB storage device.

  3. Where is Firstus says:

    My Ps4 is on 7.55 so hopefully Psfree gets ported over, coz dude it’s a major pain to get the jailbreak running and as the article states we gamers are correct to be paranoid to update to higher firmwares.

    I’ve thought of going to 9.00 but naaaaah.

    Anyway good job guys!

  4. Silla says:

    Still hanging on to my 5.05 PS4, never took the plunge to upgrade to 9.00

  5. Long live 1.76 says:

    My PS4 is still running 1.76!

  6. SXG says:

    Why not #Linux on XBOX series S/X

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