PSP/PS Vita release: ARK 4.20.68 a.k.a. ARK-X introduces improved way to load PS1 games


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  1. ano says:

    “From a user perspective, ARK-X functions essentially the same as a regular Standalone ARK installation, with the main difference of it being primarily focused on PS1 games.”

    So, does ARK-X include all features of the regular ARK and adds new stuff for PS1 games? Or does it lack some of the regular ARK features since it is “Primarily focused on PS1 games”?

  2. cracker says:

    That versioning… I’d jokingly ask if Musk was behind the project, but he doesn’t know ***.

  3. Retinal_FAILURE says:

    Will this enable UMD movies on Vita? I know it’s not necessary with other media players for a enso vita, but just a fun thing to do if possible because I already have dumps of the few movies I had on UMD.

    • Soulogy says:

      You can already watch those umd video dumps on your vita using adrenaline cfw, I do it all the time still, You just put them in the pspemu folder under its own subfolder, its the VIDEO folder in the ISO folder
      The path would be something like this: ux0:pspemu/ISO/VIDEO/your umd video dumps here.iso and then they just show up in your xmb just like a umd video or game dump would. ✌

      • allkhan says:

        how do you do it? in psp in any custom, in the vhs menu appears the option of iso video mount to see the umd movies, but in vita adrenaline iso video mount does not appear.

  4. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for this information.

  5. yourmom says:

    Lol they need to focus on making this trash work right on the systems it’s already on instead of half assing there work and that is a fact

  6. Liquid says:

    Will this allow me to use TRUE ANALOG inputs?
    Because official emulation wont allow it on psp’s that arent GO or in ps vita/Tv

  7. atreyu187 says:

    R.I.P qwikrazor87

    This brings back some memories. Kinda miss the ePSP days when we found out TN was in fact TheFl0w. About to fire up the Vita now to give it a go. Nice to see some more love for the PSP Acid_Snake

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