TheFloW will present a new PS4 Kernel Exploit at a security conference in May


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6 Responses

  1. KokamiDavid says:

    OMG. One of the best news about PS4 in the past 2 years. I was previously a PSVita player. And I believe TheFlow can bring great things!

  2. Yu says:

    My Ps4 with firmware 11.00 will life. Thanks to TheFlow

  3. Bluetootumut says:

    He wont release anything again i think , he is just looking for his money

    • Project says:

      on Twitter posted months ago, Spoiler alert: don’t update, so it will be released but I wonder if it will also be released for ps5 and not only for ps4

    • Hampster says:

      Even if he doesn’t, the presentation will disclose the information needed for a programmer to make their own jailbreak.