Is an 18-year old vulnerability the key to the next PS5/PS4 Jailbreak?


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18 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    This is amazing. Good work everyone who, stepped in. Hopefully it wont be long, until a working BD-JB works. On PS4 11.00 and PS5 8.20 or lower.

  2. Vici says:

    Well written and clearly presented. Great post wololo! Hopefully this can come to fruition as an exploit. In the case that this is one of the unreleased exploits reported in the bounty program, what would the repercussions be if it became public before any disclosure on their part?

  3. Nemo2052 says:

    HAd a feeling that today may bi a big day and now this wow a vuln from 2006 thats awesome and funny

  4. Tinne says:

    Very interesting read, extremely curious what this might bring

  5. dude says:

    Wait, is the source code for the PS4 firmware leaked?

  6. ano says:

    Anon, my big brother from another mother, is a hero as always 😉

  7. iggy says:

    Wololo, write article about this coming PS4 modchip from BwE… This is big news! 🙂

  8. qAnon says:

    It crashed my console once after which it keeps giving binary responses when sending packets, but doesn’t crash.

  9. Codespy says:

    I hope there will be something with this.
    I’m stuck on version 9.55

  10. juansbeck says:

    Espero que en algún momento @theflow y otros devs se una a las recompensas descentralizadas. . hackerOne es tacaño y está undiendo la próxima scene de ps5, y la verdad este trabajo es de puro amor pero la comunidad es demasiado tóxica aveces y no agradecen y en muchos casos ni dan las gracias a los Devs que hacen posible muchas cosas interesantes

  11. soran says:

    is there ps4 11.02 jb i don’t understand

    • wololo says:

      No. Just hope. Also, 11.02 is out of the equation for this particular crash. It’s for 11.00 and lower

  12. sleirsgoevy says:

    If this is exploitable, this might be the first real use for BD-JB on the PS4. It has more rights in non-jailbroken state than the WebKit process, and raw socket access is one of the things that is still present there. It’s been patched in WebKit after the 7.5X exploits.

  13. Drocto says: azif uploaded some payload enabler for 11.02 and said to make ur own exploit does this mean jb?

  14. Njobe says:

    I tested the PoC two times and the ps4 only crashes on reboot/shutdown on firmware 10.01. If I try to reboot, the console will not power on afterwards and it will show the hard drive test on the next bootup. It seems to work.