PS4: 9.00 exploit updated to integrate with PSFree, fast and reliable way to run Jailbreak on 9.00


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15 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    I’m in 5.05. Should I update to 9.00?

    • paul davies says:

      im also on 5.05 will this work for me, last update I did was from 2.03ofw was hoping not to go higher than 5.05.

  2. yigal says:

    I did not understand what is the advantage of this hack? How is it different?

    • wololo says:

      Loads faster and more stable than existing solution. If you have no problem with your current 9.00, it will not change anything for you. However, if you regularly have to run the hack 2, 3 times before it works (because of crashes or kernel panic or whatnot), then this will do miracles for you

  3. XYN says:

    Great. Waiting for 6.72

  4. ano says:

    I wonder if this will be implemented on the other exploitable firmwares too. Too bad that it cant be implemented for 5.05 though.

  5. johnnyd says:

    If you want to try full chains right now: hippie68 has already updated his 9.00 host with GoldHEN 2.4b15 and full PSFree chains with selectable payload loaders: or

  6. theman says:

    just realese the latest fs the ps4 is dead we will be dead before its release at this point sick to death of gatekeepers

  7. WumpaEater says:

    Does this mean the end for the dongle?

    • wololo says:

      No. The dongle is required for the kernel exploit (second step in the Jailbreak). This only improves on what happens before you insert the dongle.

  8. 9.03 when says:

    Why nothing for 9.03?

  9. And the DNS adress is ? says:

    To test this new release, head over to with your PS4’s browser (using DNS redirection for the User’s guide, as always).

  10. Sorcer says:

    Can we have it in Raspberry pi 2 zero? Guess first we need a image to write to Raspberry pi 2 zero.
    Raspberry pi 2 zero has usb emulation so don’t have to use a usb stick.