PS5 Release: ps5-game-file-dumper (complete game dumping utility)


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22 Responses

  1. Ps5er says:

    Does this now mean PS5 fpkg’s? Are we still waiting for a hypervisor workaround/hack?

    • wololo says:

      backups can already run without fpkg support. At this point fpkg would only be a wrapper to make it easier to install, but for all intents and purposes, PS5 backups have been working for a while now

      • Motaz Marzouk says:

        Does this mean we can actually pick up backups and run them? Because I cannot find games for download, except for Astro’s Playroom of course, which does not require a license.

      • Xtremegamer says:

        How does this work in regards to ps4 games ?
        I mean it runs an emulator sure but the decryption still happens where ps5 can access it? So in theory you could dump the game ? Albeit to make them run on old fw easier.

        • wololo says:

          You can dump PS4 games from a hacked PS4, which is much easier than doing it on a PS5. But I believe that yes, you should be able to decrypt PS4 games from a PS5 if you want to. The PS4 mode is not technically an emulator, since PS4 and PS5 both use the same x64 architecture.

          • Charles Fasano says:

            For me I can’t dump my digital PS4 games since my 9.00 PS4 is not set as my primary PS4 however my PS5 is set as my primary.

      • omar says:

        coulld you post and or point me in the right direct to get them setup?
        (i have a origina CFi-1015 unit on the lowest firmware thats available)
        aswell as a new SLIM SPIDERMAN 2 BUNDLE thats still sealed in the box

  2. Jay says:

    Will this allow dumping of our PS4 library as well?

  3. SLY says:

    So let’s say I have a few PS Plus PS5 games installed which are not working anymore due to expired subscription. Can I still dump and install them again to play?

  4. Christian says:

    What happens with the games that require higher Firnware? Can we backup and play them on 4.03/4.51?

    • wololo says:

      I don’t think they can be launched, meaning it’s probably not possible to create backups, but don’t quota me on that

  5. Ps5er says:

    So I should update from Firmware 3.00 to 4.50 or something or stay put?

  6. The Q says:

    Cant wait for backporting ps5 patches 🙂

  7. MKB47BD says:

    Does that mean we can run ps5 game dumps without inserting any game discs into the console ?

  8. ano says:

    Please make a post on how the public can play PS5 backups (especially games that aren’t on last gen too). No links of course, just information.

  9. Rynne says:

    Is the cutoff for a playable backup still at the newest hack (games made up to 7.60 currently)?

  10. Bibbity Bobbity says:

    This is probably a question that can’t be answered right now, but I’ll ask anyway because I’m ignorant and curious when it comes to this stuff: Is it within the realm of possibility that some day we’ll be able to transfer games from a non-hacked PS5 onto an external hard drive, then plug that external hard drive into a hacked PS5, transfer those games onto that hacked PS5 and play them there (PS4 and PS5 games)? And what about M.2 SSDs?