PS4/PS3 Release: Christmas Astro theme by Anubis_Qz


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6 Responses

  1. White Tyger says:

    Wait, someone was kind enough to take time to make PS3 theme as well as PS4? Why, thank you, contributer.

    Was so excited for ANYTHING PS3 related that is new, skipped over the author.


  2. ano says:

    Does this work on 5.05? I thought PS4 themes didn’t need backports, but one of the pictures says 9.00 only? I am confused.

  3. PS3lov says:

    Woah! PS3 themes in 2023. This is wonderful!

  4. Licius says:

    Are you sure you need a modded PS3 to install custom themes? I remember to have installed two Ridge Racer themes but my PS3 was definitely not modded.

    • wololo says:

      There’s “custom” and there’s “custom”. But the PS3 did officially support some lightweight themes, you’re right.