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7 Responses

  1. People who play stupid Gameloft games deserve those ***. Gameloft is one of the worst game companies and paying for their games is simply self-disgrace.

    • Argon says:

      That’s unconstructive post.

      • Forceshield says:

        It really isn’t though. Gameloft made their bread and buffed in mobile pay to win games. They know their customers will buy it repeatedly and become whales or quit playing until they decide to just throw in the towel and buy buy buy.

  2. Quake says:

    Stop being SIMPS!

  3. FreeMyPS5 says:

    No it’s not okay to account lock games. There was nothing when you bought the game that said they would do that. It’s really low and greedy.

  4. HahaHa says:

    Piracy LOL

  5. Marcy says:

    I hope families who have not yet played see this and don’t buy the game. If your going to be greedy at least let the 1st person pay and all others on the account pay $1. In this economy people can’t afford to be ripped off by greedy companies. Here’s a good class action lawsuit waiting for a greedy lawyer.