Hackers are already looking into the PlayStation Portal


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7 Responses

  1. Okay says:

    I hope they hack the *** out of this thing so it’ll be worth the price. I want to be able to use it with my PS4.

    • Matthew says:

      I bought one with hopes for this specifically… If it doesn’t happen I’m not worried but I wanted to have one as early as possible if it does.

  2. Tom says:

    Always happy to see sony get sc*** but i cant see myself ever buying this. I guess best case scenario it becomes a super homebrew/emulation handheld device that can probably run an OS like linux and can also connect to PS5/PS4 either for play or web. I dont see it worth the price to play doom on this lol

  3. GooSee says:

    If it gets similar homebrew support as PS Vita, it’ll be PS Vita 2

  4. MetaThis says:

    Well have at it because if hackers can’t COMPLETELY unlock this thing it’s a giant 200 dollar plus tax and insurance paper weight. I’m still baffled by this thing and who is for other than brand loyalist who love to open their for Sony and call everything they make the work of a God. if Sony would actually stick to their handhelds such as the Vita instead of abandoning it so quickly it would have done better especially these days. It’s Sony though they do no wrong according to the masses. Like who needs backwards compatibility for their huge VR library on the PSVR for the PSVR2 that’s crazy talk. Yet that’s why I returned mine the very next day. Anyways good luck I’d possibly buy it if it could stream games on its own and have homebrew installed. It would take both those things to even consider it. Connecting to the consoles is useless to me I’ll just use my console I have plenty of TVs as do most people these days.

  5. Tory Tyler says:

    Recovery mode is achieved by turning device off, holding volume down button, and connecting it via usb to pc. It shows up under Device Manager as “Android”
    This is as far as I could get, device is not detected by fastboot or ADB… hopefully this opens the door! Good luck all