The PS5 Slim Disc Drive registration isn’t as bad as it seems (it still isn’t great)


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12 Responses

  1. AvacadoKoala says:

    You needed a Hacked PS3 to remarry blu-ray drives, so i imagine its the same thing, in 10-30 years time, someone will have a more modern PS5 HACK and a way to authenticate the disc drives without Online access

    • wololo says:

      I certainly hope people will find ways of course, but I’m tired that it’s up to the hacking community to fix companies’ planned obsolescence

    • Axleaip says:

      Won’t take too long if someone makes it there Christmas wish this year 😉

  2. Ed says:

    This is good news. But there’s one thing left to do noone seems to have tried yet, does making a system backup and restore is again after reset keep the disc drive registered? This would solve the online registration problem forever, hope someone can test this soon…

  3. Alextwolf says:

    *their* assessment? I’m done with this site.

    • wololo says:

      Not sure what you mean? TronicsFix is a team of several people and I’m assuming Steve isn’t the only one involved in the production of the video. I believe they reach their conclusion collectively rather than him assessing everything on his own. I might be wrong, but I don’t want to put the whole “burden” on him so I said they as in “They, the TronicsFix company”. It’s a company of 5 employees at least, hence the use of “they”.
      Hope I could put your bigoted concerns at ease.

  4. Racer says:

    No, it’s much worse than its seems. The registration process requires you to be on the latest firmware, so anyone trying to register a drive will lose a potential jailbreak. It also seems that even if you buy the SKU with the drive, it doesn’t come with the drive pre-registered to that very console, so you will have to connect your PS5 to the internet and update straight out of the box before using it (with the disc drive, that is). Sounds familiar? Yes, very similar to Xbox. So yeah, while there may be a few positives, from the jailbreaking perspective it is just awful and on par with Micros0ft’s policies. So please, stop spreading that it isn’t as bad as it seems, as this site’s focus is hacking/homebrew and from that perspective it couldn’t get much worse. I don’t understand how for some reason everyone fails to see this, even though it’s so obvious that this is a trap set by S0ny.

    • wololo says:

      I don’t see it as a trap: if you want to play the PS5 nowadays, you pretty much need a PSN access. Use of the console without the latest firmware is extremely limited and staying on a low firmware for Jailbreak is already a significant commitment. I doubt they’re trying to reduce the very low number of Jailbreaks even more, so I don’t see it as a trap for homebrew enthusiasts, rather the “best” way (from their perspective) to respect the constraining rules around Blu-Ray licensing.

      Basically, they already have everything in place to pretty much ensure everyone is on the latest firmware, except for the most hardcore homebrew fans like us. I don’t think it’s any priority for them to do more against the homebrew community, this is clearly not why this disc registration system is in place.

      With that being said, I agree with you, it’s awful. I hope my article isn’t seen as me endorsing any of their stuff here, I still find it terrible personally, I hope it’s shown in the article.

      • Racer says:

        Thanks for your reply, but the “trap” part was the least important thing in my comment, so it’s a pity that your reply was mostly addressed to that.
        But anyway, I think you should at least add to the article that for us homebrew enthusiasts this is horrible. You won’t be able to buy a new console with a disc drive eg. in a certain bundle that has a known low firmware for hacking anymore, or at least you won’t be able to use the disc drive if you do so. There may be a hack later to solve this problem, but that’s beyond the point. Also can cause even more accidental updates.

  5. Ray says:

    I predict 10-30 years from now no one will give a *** about PS5, when all games will be playable on PC by then.

  6. Where is Firstus says:

    Mystic Ryan had also discovered this in a video he had posted earlier before Steve/TronicsFix posted.

    Btw Mystic’s Ps5 was on firmware 7.40 making it awesome for anyone willing to sit on a slim and wait on a potential 7.61 jailbreak coz the Fl0w himself says do Not update coz his Bd-Jb works on 7.61

  7. idntusemyps5 says:

    There is no reason it shouldn’t be straight up plug-n-play. What if the registration web site goes down for any number of reasons? Like 35 million DNS requests every second…
    This does not improve the reputation of $ony…