Release: PS4 FPKG Enabler for PS5 4.03, by Sleirsgoevy


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17 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Amazing but I feel sorry for anyone who has a hackable PS5 but can’t use this because they have a FW lower than 4.03 lol the temptation must be real for them

  2. FFTW says:

    Nice! Finally a real big step!
    This reminds me of the time when the Vita could only run backup PSP games but not backup Vita games. We all know what happened with it later on. Hopefully the same thing happens here soon :).

  3. MrX says:

    “something that is already possible, and in better conditions, on a hacked PS4”

    Really? It just came out a few hours ago and that’s what you have to say about it? How about “This is great news, now we can look forward to some ps4 homebrew in the future on the ps5”?

    • wololo says:

      I just want people to be very clear on what this gives them, from an end user perspective, and why I don’t think it’s worth jumping onto 4.03, in particular if you’re on 1.xx, 2.xx, 3.xx. I’m obviously very excited, and none of what I say takes anything away from the technical achievement. In particular given the circumstances of how Sleirs has achieved that, with XOM. Sorry if my writing gave the wrong impression. I’m super excited.

  4. Benny says:

    Does this look like something that will soon be ported onto 4.50?

  5. Predator0808 says:

    Congratz Sleirsgoevy!!! You’ve made it 🙂

  6. badboytm25 says:

    wololo please make slairsgorvy ps5 fpkg payload for esp8266 thank you

  7. Jeroboam says:

    Wait, it’s finally happening?!!!! I literally put my PS5 in my garage last week.

  8. Charles Fasano says:

    This is still great progress despite the limitations and issues.

    I’m still hoping for a way to decrypt my PS4 content on my 4.50 PS5 as my 9.00 PS4 is not my primary active PS4 but the 4.50 PS5 is active.

    Still get any PS5 payloads to compile.

    Great work everybody.

  9. PLAYER 1 says:

    Testing this, opoisso games installing nice(EAFC24, Martha is Dead), Cyb1k games error107520-5.(Lies of P, Atomic Heart) …

  10. seanp2500 says:

    My body is ready time to test Psvr

  11. Nav says:

    Noooooo I finally opened mine cause I was hoping it was on 4.03 and it’s on 3.20

  12. dongfanglong says:

    Can you put together a video for package merging ps4 games for PS5?. Many people are not very clear on how to do this properly.

  13. Алекс says:

    DLC fpkg not working?
    Trying Atomic Heart and Resident Evil 4 Remake – DLC not working.