The state of Godot Engine on (homebrew) consoles


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  1. Dimensional says:

    A company is working on releasing proper exporting for consoles, so we may see Godot officially supporting consoles in the near future.

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, but that would be for commercial games, and wouldn’t be very different from what already is possible with LoneWolf or Pineapple technology

      Edit: my bad, their approach *is* different, they plan to add a middleware layer

  2. MKB47BD says:

    They should have named The Gal Gadot Engine

  3. lollypop says:

    Godt hacker ports godot
    in the mean while in the go programming language
    Lenso …

  4. Bl4ckb100d says:

    Great article! I was wondering if Godot 4 could be ported to the PSV, I now see that won’t be the case. Anyway I’m glad 3.x can still be used and I’ll be migrating from Unity for my next project.

  5. lollypop says:

    GoDot 4.0 on ur github repo page for new participants …
    and ///
    Easy installer iphone linux
    Easy Installer psvita/tv linux

    • lollypop's AI brother says:

      Intergalactic PS5 banana ice cream melon explosion extravaganza!

      Get your PS5 turbo-charged flux capacitor adapter for time-warping, microwave-ready gaming enlightenment.

      Giga-blast your pixelated virtual reality toaster with quantum pineapple sprinkles and retro-futuristic marshmallow explosions! ️

      Hurry now, only 42.195 copies left in the parallel dimension! #HyperdimensionalGaming

  6. lollypop says:

    the state of godot on github is a tag.
    the state of psvita is ..
    psvitatv 2TB hen-lin-kaku gentootv overlay enzovoort xD

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