PS4 Syscon Tools updated to 1.6, optimizes firmware dumping process + multiple bug fixes


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5 Responses

  1. lollypop says:

    Easy Linux Installer psvita/psvita-tv 3.60 henkaku molecule edition …
    or better write me linkaku henkaku as a linux loader instead of hen …
    (no files involved) from service easy installed ..;
    here are the files
    im still wondering howto run it on my pstv
    release baremetal metallica old

  2. Hideo says:

    Another day of BWE crying salty tears. Open source is better than any of that closed source ***.

  3. lollypop says:

    buy me teensy4++ hacker for my ps4 and a new 2.5 inch disc for it or an sd card … sd2vita rofl …
    and i get my thing done …
    shsh blobs saving of the firm and irecover restore teensy with a e32 thiny emulation ps4-henkaku linkaku
    so far that said …
    now i boot my uno psvita 2.01 and activate via set time says memcard locked properiatary unless u got settings>playstation>network
    after asking its my account and i would like to use it … rofl …
    so is there a .. how do i say it ??? teensy4++ guide for psvita dump and restore and activation of my files ofc ? thkx …. xD
    PSVITA HOWTO dump/restore flash teensy4++ … +
    PSVITA HOWTO henkaku any firmware hen or uno2.01 saveblobs …
    thkx xDDD

  4. gamecore-again says:

    Couple questions: Should you enable debug mode? Is it useful to the ordinary user? Does erasing the entire syscon allow you to install any firmware if your hard drive is already wiped with no other firmware installed prior to erasing it? And if it’s able to be read in any way, can you manually change what the syscon thinks the latest firmware is/should be/was?