No, Flatz didn’t just announce CFW for the PS5


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7 Responses

  1. lollypop says:

    ps4 cfw first !!! in other news onto dfu iphones
    or at least a boot exploit like enso with molecule systems
    switch bootexploit run linux …
    i other news thus …
    openra1n windows libusbk howto

  2. Norre Dahlius says:

    I was one of those who misunderstood
    Then again I’m from the hood
    Still my faith is strong
    That the light will be seen before long
    All my best to those who crunch the numbers
    So that we ordinaries will soon se wonders

  3. Rileyjayy10 says:

    All this announcement about the PS5 and yet not even one about the Xbox one…one!..

    • dreski says:

      Thats because no hacker has interest in doing those, since you can play all the xbox releases on pc, and they get cracked the same day.

      • Ben Grates says:

        That’s not why, it’s because it’s nearly impossible to crack the Xbox with the virtual machine layers they have… Also, you can run a retail Xbox in dev mode and load up emulators and what not.

        I don’t think they crack the PS5 for piracy… Though that does always end up happening once a console is cracked. Its done to run custom software.

  4. PentinentThree says:

    Finaly very big new for 7.61 cfw. Is also qlite cfw is amazin

  5. Dr Tal says:

    please dont call it the cp box. new name pls. gonna get us in trouble or have people think wrong things.