How to get your hands on a hackable PS5 model


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  1. Charles Fasano says:

    The Horizon Forbidden West bundle I bought from Amazon on Aug 4th 2022 had firmware 5.00 on it. I got due to their invite only promotion where you sign-up and they email you that you can get one if you act fast enough.

    • spok says:

      TLDR – not buying another dust collecting PS4 which is still not fully hacked nor even jailbroken for latest firmware and it seems PS3-like CFW is just a dream for PS4/5…

  2. redfall xsx rtx3060 ps4 ps3 xbox360 xbox vita 72 seasons says:

    I am waiting for ps5 slim cheap

  3. FFTW says:

    Thank you for the nice article 🙂

  4. Buyaps5letitsit says:

    Your best bet for the regular joe is to buy a ps5 and let it sit around

  5. Clutz450 says:

    I was fortunate enough to buy 2 brand new PS5s at launch with the plan of one to play and one to store in the closet. Unfortunately my wife guilted me into selling my spare one to her brother for Christmas. I tried like heck to get another launch one but couldn’t and ultimately got one on 4.03. I’m hoping that’s good enough and that I’m not going to be kicking myself later when some amazing exploit gets revealed that only works on a firmware less than that. I really want to buy another one now with talks of exploiting the hypervisor on 2.5 but I just can’t justify the cost right now.

  6. Ozank says:

    I made a post on reddit about how I snagged a pristine boxed launch PS5 disc edition from eBay for normal retail price a few months ago. It came with 1.02:

    Feel free to put this in your article if you want. There’s still hope and in the reddit comments I put a very detailed reply on how I did it all

    • c says:

      Nice! Congrats

      • Ozank says:

        Thanks! I honestly recommend people try grab a day 1 PS5, yes they’re hard to get hold of but I truly feel with the detail in those comments I put and with eBay, other people can get their hands on 1.xx ultra low FW models too.

  7. Mudare says:

    Here to remind people to not overpay for low firmware PS5 and getting scalped

    The moment you buy the low firmware PS5 from scalper at scalped price, scalper will keep buying low firmware PS5 at cheaper price and keep repeating doing the same thing

    Be patient and just stay on whatever your PS5 firmware is, don’t update and get a second PS5 for latest firmware update, game and online multiplayer

    • wololo says:

      Not a bad strategy, for sure

      • Cris says:

        I have two of these that i saved for this original purpose!!!
        I would much rather get this in the hands of one with skills!
        (if their is a credible hacker that needs one I will supply it)

        let me know if you need it before it goes on reddit/eBay
        (purchased NOVEMBER 2020 @ BestBuy STiLL SEALED)

        • wololo says:

          I personally don’t have the skills required but you might want to ask folks on Specter’s discord.

        • ImpstrSyndrm says:

          I’m trying to work on reverse engineering the PS5 PSP, how would I reach you for details on one of your low firmware units?

          • Cris says:

            [email address removed] i couldnt figure out how to get into Spectres discord so I guess you have first dibs!

  8. ImpstrSyndrm says:

    Was it confirmed somehow that all unopened CFI-10xx models are on firmware 1.xx-2.xx? I’ve seen conflicting reports of some sealed CFI-10xx being on 3.xx

    • wololo says:

      They’re by far the best chance to get a low firmware, but yes, some of them might be shipping on 3.xx, this is correct

      • Grubby says:

        I bought a CFI-1002A, unfortunately it was on 3.00FW :'(
        Trying my luck on Buyee to get a japanese 1000A on firmware 2.50 or lower
        Will then flog off the 3.00 FW one