PS5 Prototype spotted for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan


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5 Responses

  1. Where is Firstus says:

    I want it so bad that it hurts.

  2. redfall xsx rtx3060 ps4 ps3 xbox360 xbox vita 72 seasons says:

    I hope that ps5 will be never broken

    • The thruth says:

      Said Sony with a burner account here on

    • cris says:

      i hope it will , i am fed up to pay for half finished games full of bugs and prices being sky high i cannot excuse them,

      • You have a point says:

        The only reason console gaming is a thing is because the consoles themselves are sold at a loss and they make up for it by taxing users for games. In what Universe will I be stuppid enough to buy the hardware and some games for them to make a profit as opposed to buy the hardware at discounted price which as time passes will show its value ? AI malware is a thing, AI jailbreaks will come…