PS5 Hack news: libhijacker updates, compiled BD-JB SDK Payloads


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4 Responses

  1. blueyezboi says:

    dude if this is true about being on 1.XX and 2.XX firmwares then why aren’t we getting updates on that news front? If the devs don’t even have PS5s on that firmware then what’s the point? update and have the fun or send your special low fw ps5 to a reputable dev with time?

    • wololo says:

      I won’t say I disagree with your points. There’s just the very tiny possibility that at some point, someone realizes that hacking a 1.xx or 2.xx is much, much easier than anything above that, and that these models could be extremely valuable (at least to hackers) ultimately. Can’t revert back to those firmware, so if you update, that’s one less possibility, out of a very restricted pool…

      But again, my mind is telling me basically the same thing you wrote.

  2. Atreides73 says:

    Hackable Playstations ended with the PS2, that era is over, get over it and update the firmware if you want to play with the PS5, or “switch” to Nintendo which seems to be the only one still making modifiable consoles, with Sony you die of old age…

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