PlayStation confirm Project Q (PS5 Streaming screen/controller), to lukewarm reception


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20 Responses

  1. MarSprite says:

    I actually think it could be a pretty cool accessory, I just have trouble believing they will price it low enough to be widely adopted. My interest in this device is inverse to it’s cost.

    • Franz Rogar says:

      “Cool accessory”? Are you sure? It’s a screen + wifi + d-pad. That’s it. It can NOT play ANYTHING by itself.

      I say that you can take your smartphone, put a d-pad adapter for less than $10 and play EVERYTHING. Sony just have to put an app for it in the store.

  2. SchnickyD says:

    I always saw Halo as the Marathon 3… Was actually surprised to see them bring back the “Doom Killer for Mac” brand.

  3. Gbg says:


  4. Yoti says:

    Can it run DooM?

  5. redfall xsx rtx3060 ps4 ps3 xbox360 xbox vita 72 seasons says:

    hahahaha no future 4 ps5

  6. martman says:

    Glorified vita with its guts removed probably, Not interested in anything that streams to the cloud for it to work properly, Streaming over wifi not a problem, streaming to the cloud and back not interested, Enough personal data is takem and sold these days without this thing taking and sending whatever it likes, They will be selling that data on for profit somewhere along the line

  7. Nick Crowe says:

    Yes, of course the reception is lukewarm. It’s yet another attempt at copying Nintendo’s ideas for handle consoles (this is clearly a worse version of the switch, as it is just a streaming tablet, meaning you still need the PS5).

    Not to mention, the Xbox can stream to devices like cell phones and actual tablets. So, is also a *** attempt at stealing Xbox’s idea.

    I’ve always been more into PS, than the other consoles, ever since the first PS, but, the PSP and, especially, the Vita sucked. With this, it feels like they’re not even trying anymore.

  8. Natto says:

    All this just to *** in style? What’s next, Playstation branded RGB smart toilet?

  9. AvacadoKoala says:

    If this device runs android, it could be useful as a multi stream device, from PC or Xbox or PS5, if it runs some wierd thing and only connects to the PS5, it is utterly Supid

  10. Fuck Sony says:

    *** you Sony. No VITA 2, but we get this piece of ***. Going to fail big time.

  11. echoo says:

    If this thing has a direct connection to the PS5, then I can see it selling somewhat decently. Little to no latency could be a selling argument over other remote play solutions. I hope it supports PS4 games, too. It’s hard to sell this device when AA and Indie devs continue releasing PS4 only versions of their games.

  12. iand123 says:

    u cant play if u dont have a ps5 and internet….how stupid can they be.

  13. sirmi98 says:

    An awfully take on the wii u tablet

  14. Earthisbeautiful says:

    The Remote Play and Streaming ? Worthless and it is going to be failure!

  15. Slith says:

    “Lukewarm reception”? More like “open mockery”. This might be Sony’s second dumbest idea.